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Discover Eastern Russia-Литвинов Алексей,Берсенев Николай

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Discover Eastern Russia

Автор: Литвинов Алексей, Берсенев Николай,

Жанр произведения: Культура и искусство на английском языке, Фотоальбомы,

Литературная серия: ,

Издательство: Пресс Код,


This Edition is Filled to the Brim With Photo Submissions From Various Photographers Depicting Unique Far Eastern Sites. The Russian Far East is an Industrial Region Populated by Numerous Indigenous Peoples; it is Rich in Subsoil Resources and Boasts Pristine Ecosystems that Allow Many Endangered Plant and Animal Species to Thrive in their Natural Habitats. The Book Contains the Works of the Following Well-Known Wildlife Photographers: Alexey Bezrukov, Sergey Gorshkov, Ivan Kislov, Borge Ousland, Cory Richards, Igor Shpilenok, Nikolay Zinoviev and Many Others. The Book Will be Interesting for Anyone who Wants to Learn More About the Life of the Far Eastern Regions, Values the Heritage of Native Peoples and Recognizes the Importance of Preserving Endangered Plants and Animals.

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