Saturday Comes. Carine J.D. Fabius

Saturday Comes

Год выпуска: 0

Автор произведения: Carine J.D. Fabius


Жанр: Триллеры

Издательство: Ingram

isbn: 9780978500399

Краткое описание:

Co-narrated by the Baron Samedi, Vodou Spirit of Death, Saturday Comes is an atmospheric tale of love and hate; of Haiti&#39;s long-smoldering societal and class issues; of the magic, which reigns over the everyday lives of Haitian natives, and of the unseen forces that draw human beings together.<br><br>It is a cold, wet, living nightmare when 12-year-old Maya St. Fleur finds herself on a makeshift boat bulging with other Haitians fleeing their island for a better life in the States. The sordid degradation and horror of that trip will mark her for life. <br><br>The name of the one who has coerced her to leave the country and family she loves is Henri Chenet-perpetrator of unspeakable acts against her mother; blackmailer; and father of the boy who makes her heart beat with young love. Consumed with a desire for vengeance, she nevertheless vows to, one day, kill the son he cherishes above all else. <br><br>Years later, she reconnects with her childhood love in Miami, and they fall for each other all over again. Will she be able to follow through with her dark, murderous plan hatched so long ago?&Acirc;