Better Parents Ask Better Questions. Lindsay Boone's Tighe

Better Parents Ask Better Questions

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Автор произведения: Lindsay Boone's Tighe


Жанр: Секс и семейная психология

Издательство: Ingram

isbn: 9781456608729

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Whether you&#39;re dealing with the &#39;Terrible Two&#39;s&#39; or a &#39;Troubled Teenager&#39;, this easy-to-read book will help transform your relationship with your kids . . . and everyone else in the family for that matter!<br><br>Written for parents who want to be even better than they already are, this book will enable you to recognise unconscious patterns of advice&acirc;?&lsquo;giving and telling that may not be the best response for your kids; helping you to learn when and how to use questions that lead to positive change in your child&#39;s behaviour, resulting in them thinking and acting in a completely different way.<br><br>Comments from Parents who have used the Better Questions technique:<br><br>&quot;I no longer had to tell a tearful child what to do all of the time!&quot; &ndash; Age: 5 yrs<br><br>&quot;My relationship with my teenage daughter was transformed by using Better Questions.&quot; &ndash; Age: 18 yrs<br><br>&quot;I was calm and happy and my daughter was excited that her friend was coming over to stay &ndash; a sleepover success story that was driven by Mum staying calm and asking a Better Question!&quot; &ndash; Age: 10 yrs<br><br>&quot;The conversation finished up with my daughter thanking me for my help and stating that she felt really clear and confident about what she now needed to do. I am delighted!&quot; &ndash; Age: 16 yrs<br><br>&quot;Now I always think twice about what is the best approach to take and I have realised that asking can also be a very powerful way for my son to learn&quot; &ndash; Age: 6 yrs<br><br>Start reading today and learn how to ask Better Questions, become a Better Parent and be amazed at the results (and bring<br>harmony to your household!).<br><br>Join the Parenting Revolution, become a Potentialiser and bring out the Amazingness in your kids!<br><br>POTENTIALISER &ndash; po&Acirc;&#183;ten&Acirc;&#183;ti&Acirc;&#183;a&Acirc;&#183;li&Acirc;&#183;ser<br>Meaning: Releaser of amazingness in others