World Economy: Global Competition and Cooperation. М. М. Новиков

World Economy: Global Competition and Cooperation

Год выпуска: 2020

Автор произведения: М. М. Новиков


Жанр: Прочая образовательная литература

Издательство: КноРус

isbn: 978-9934-8941-4-5

Краткое описание:

Research monograph presented below is a categorized theme-based list of articles devoted to generation of foreign economics and political trends in global economy, evolution of global players in the era of corporatocracy and emerging trends of the new wave of international finance and credit crisis. Costs and controlling mechanisms of the depth of above-mentioned processes reformatting world finance system are being examined by the authors of the publication. The research is designed for a wide range of readers: Professors of Universities of Economic, Faculties of Economics and Science, those forecasting processes of global government and stable development of global economy.