Mistress: Taming the Playboy. Sharon Kendrick

Mistress: Taming the Playboy

Год выпуска: 0

Автор произведения: Sharon Kendrick

Серия: Mills & Boon M&B

Жанр: Короткие любовные романы

Издательство: HarperCollins

isbn: 9781408975282

Краткое описание:

He’ll claim her in his bed At the Greek’s command Constantine is Greek through and through! He will do anything to claim his heir. Yet his son’s mother Laura refuses to be bought. She’s determined to pay her way – as Constantine’s housekeeper by day, and his mistress by night.Bought by the billionaireWidowed and penniless, the only man Nikki can turn to is one she once betrayed. Proud, powerful Italian Massimo will purchase her body for revenge. Will he end up paying with his heart? For the Italian’s pleasureFaye can’t believe Dante’s nerve! He expects her to become his mistress in exchange for his help with her failing business. She’s been burned by him before and, despite his powerful, intense sensuality, she’s determined to resist temptation…