The Illegitimate Tycoon. Janette Kenny

The Illegitimate Tycoon - Janette Kenny

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      Illegitimate Tycoon

      Rafael stood at the back of the room watching Leila, wanting to share every moment of his life with her again.

      Desperate to share the future with her as well, to grow old with her, to watch their children grow into adults.

      To be content with Leila by his side.

      But this past year had changed them both. She had become a different woman. There was a remoteness about her that troubled him. A shadow in her eyes that begged forgiveness. But from what?

      His gut twisted at the possibilities. Had he been so driven to be a success, to prove that his eldest brother Jacob’s money hadn’t been wasted on him, that he’d let the one good thing that had happened in his life slip through his fingers? Had he already lost her to her career? To another man?

      No, he couldn’t believe his Leila would cheat on him. It was simply that she was not ready to give up her career yet, which meant he had to convince her that the dreams they’d woven together before they married were just as strong now. Just as viable.


A powerful dynasty, where secrets and scandal never sleep!THE DYNASTY

      Eight siblings, blessed with wealth, but denied the one thing they wanted – a father’s love.

      A family destroyed by one man’s thirst for power.


      Haunted by their past and driven to succeed, the Wolfes scattered to the far corners of the globe.

      But secrets never sleep and scandal is starting to stir …


      Now the Wolfe brothers are back, stronger than ever, but hiding hearts as hard as granite.

      It’s said that even the blackest of souls can be healed by the purest of love …

      But can the dynasty rise again?


      For as long as JANETTE KENNY can remember, plots and characters have taken up residence in her head. Her parents, both voracious readers, read her the classics when she was a child. That gave birth to a deep love for literature, and allowed her to travel to exotic locales – those found between the covers of books. Janette’s artist mother encouraged her yen to write. As an adolescent she began creating cartoons featuring her dad as the hero, with plots that focused on the misadventures on their family farm, and she stuffed them in the nightly newspaper for him to find. To her frustration, her sketches paled in comparison with her captions.

      Her first real writing began with fan fiction, taking favourite TV shows and writing episodes and endings she loved – happily ever after, of course. In her junior year of high school she told her literature teacher she intended to write for a living one day. His advice? Pursue the dream, but don’t quit the day job.

      Though she dabbled with articles, she didn’t fully embrace her dream to write novels until years later, when she was a busy cosmetologist making a name for herself in her own salon. That was when she decided to write the type of stories she’d been reading – romances.

      Once the writing bug bit, an incurable passion consumed her to create stories and people them. Still, it was seven more years and that many novels before she saw her first historical romance published. Now that she’s also writing contemporary romances for Mills & Boon, she finally knows that a full-time career in writing is closer to reality.

      Janette shares her home and free time with a chow/shepherd-mix pup she rescued from the pound, who aspires to be a lap dog. She invites you to visit her website at She loves to hear from readers – e-mail her at [email protected].


      Illegitimate Tycoon

      Janette Kenny

      Chapter One

      THE crush of beautiful people in this small town on the French Riviera was a treat for the senses, but only one beauty captured Rafael da Souza’s attention. She always had from the first moment he had met her in London.

      His desire for her had never waned during the five years they’d been married. Nothing would ever change that.

      He knew the exact moment strikingly beautiful supermodel Leila Santiago walked into a room, even if he was already prepared. And he was certainly ready for this reunion, body and soul!

      Even before they had married, they’d mutually agreed to wait before starting their family. It had been important to both of them that they focus on their careers first. That they enjoyed life and especially each other.

      And they had.

      Well, almost …

      Rafael’s brow pulled as he looked back on what was now the fifth year of their marriage. He could count the times he’d been with Leila over this past year on one hand. Her career and his had taken quantum leaps, bigger than either of them could have imagined, but such success came at a terrible price for it had pulled them both in different directions.

      Leila had been involved on two whirlwind global tours, her beautiful face splashed on glossy magazine covers around the world. Rafael’s time had volleyed between being technical adviser on one film and developing a cutting-edge mobile phone device that was light-years ahead of the competition.

      He and Leila had only managed to find one fleeting weekend to spend together in Aruba following a photo shoot there. Moments alone, undisturbed by their busy careers, had always been precious between them, and although Rafael had tried to talk to Leila about his desire to start a family, the time had gone by too quickly.

      “We’ll talk about it at the film festival in France,” she’d promised in Aruba as she’d planted hot kisses across the taut planes of his belly. And then she’d taken his mind off family and his dream with bold caresses and long leisurely kisses that he’d been starving for.

      They’d ended up in bed, arms and legs entwined. Tongues dueling in carnal love. Bodies thrusting together in the most passionate sex he’d ever had with her.

      When he was buried deep in her, clutching her to his heart, he felt whole, and they’d both gotten lost in loving the night away. And then their idyll had been over. Rafael had left with the rising sun after Leila had dropped the bombshell that she wouldn’t reschedule an upcoming shoot in order to accompany him to his brother Nathaniel’s wedding. He’d been too angry and hurt to do more than offer a clipped, “Fine, I’ll see you in France.”

      Now, he certainly intended to do more than talk about starting a family. They would have an entire week together in France. While their days would be busy with promotions and such, their nights would be devoted to each other.

      His heart warmed at the thought of having children with Leila, of having a home with her that wasn’t empty or flat.

      He’d never had that in his entire life. His mother had loved him, yes, but she had always held at least two jobs at a time to support them, and she had worked incredibly long hours. He had hardly seen her as a child.

      As for a home, their small flat in Wolfestone might have been the place Rafael had been raised, but the memories there were painful, suffocating. Rafael had felt only freedom when he had left its cloying grasp. He had moved to a modern apartment in London and then, when he had married Leila, they had bought a luxurious penthouse in Rio, far away from the darkness of Rafael’s past.

      But though this was his and Leila’s residence, it still lacked that life and energy of a loving family that he had felt missing for so long.

      Rafael wanted a real casa with land where his children could play and make good memories to last a lifetime. A place they

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