Colorado Ghost Stories. Antonio Boone's Garcez

Colorado Ghost Stories - Antonio Boone's Garcez

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      Colorado Ghost Stories


      Antonio Garcez

      Other titles by Antonio R. Garcez:

      Arizona Ghost Stories

      ISBN 978-0-9740988-0-7

      Ghost Stories of California’s Gold Rush Country and Yosemite National Park

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      New Mexico Ghost Stories

      ISBN 978-0-9634029-9-8

      American Indian Ghost Stories of the West

      ISBN 978-0-9740988-4-5

      ©2012 by Antonio R. Garcez

      All rights reserved.

      Published in eBook format by Red Rabbit Press

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      ISBN-13: 978-0-9740-9889-0

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      No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review.

      Some of the places that appear in these stories may have changed ownership or names since the printing of this book. Also some of the individuals who appear in this book have, since its printing, moved on, either within this world or to the next. Their stories appear here as they were directly related to the author at the time they were interviewed.

      The author took all photos unless otherwise noted. Photos of the Museum of Colorado Prisons’ prisoners were taken with permission given by Pat Kant, Executive Director. Photos of Theodore Roosevelt and Buffalo Bill provided by U. S. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress.

      Photo of the “floating head” taken at the Red Crags Mansion taken by Kathy Squire now remains the property of the author.

      Cover and book design by Antonio R. Garcez


      For author’s other books

      by Antonio R. Garcez

      “New Mexico Ghost Stories”

      “This collection of personal encounters with the ‘spiritual,’ or ‘supernatural,’ certainly supported some of my own experiences. These stories are made more frightening by their very proximity.”

      —Stephanie Gonzales, former NM Secretary of State

      “I highly recommend that both local citizens and visitors to Santa Fe read this book!”

      —Sam Pick, former Mayor-Santa Fe, NM

      “Fascinating to read...offers the reader insight into our town’s unique traditions, folklore and history; don’t miss it!”

      —Frederick A. Peralta, former Mayor-Town of Taos

      “Arizona Ghost Stories”

      “Gives a hauntingly accurate overview of the many reports of haunted sites all over the state. It not only lists the places from north to south, but quotes the interviews of eyewitnesses, giving a remarkable feeling of being there with them as they encounter the unknown. Such sites as the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee to the Jerome Inn come to life in Mr. Garcez’s investigations. His chapter on the reports of ghosts at Tombstone is perhaps one of the best accounts I have seen on this subject.”

      —Richard Senate, “Hollywood’s Ghosts”

      “Arizona could not have asked for a better chronicler of its supernatural landscape that Antonio R. Garcez. From Arivaca to Yuma, Arizona’s most haunted places are all here! These stories will send shivers up your spine, and rightly so—they all really took place! If you have ever wanted to experience something paranormal, let this book be your guide.”

      —Dennis William Hauck, “Haunted Places— The National Directory”

      “American Indian Ghost Stories of the Southwest”

      “The accounts range from sweetly sentimental to truly terrifying, but all share the benefit of Antonio’s sensitivity and attention to detail. He shows respect for the tales, and those who tell them, and understands that history and culture are inextricably bound to all folklore.”

      —Jo-Anne Christensen, “Haunted Hotels”

      “These are not long-ago cowboy yarns, but very real, very current ghost stories from a rich and chilling mix of voices. Antonio has a rare talent for telling detail; he paints unforgettably creepy images that linger long after the book is done.”

      —Chris Woodyard, “Spooky Ohio” and “Haunted Ohio”

      “Ghost Stories of California’s Gold Rush Country and Yosemite National Park”

      “As a subject where many of the books written simply regurgitate previously produced material, Author Antonio R. Garcez does an excellent job of locating and interviewing primary resources to provide fresh stories of ghost folklore. Each chapter contains a brief introduction that supplies some of the background of the town and sites in question, followed by transcriptions of the witnesses’ stories. Garcez’s style is simple and easy to follow; the stories he has found are quickly engrossing. The fact that he put so much time into his field research is impressive.”

      —Adrienne Foster, Book


      What follows are my own personal insights and opinions. Therefore yours may be different. That’s fine, I’m aware that there are an infinite number of other opinions regarding the paranormal, but this is after all my personal work, so I invite you to read on, knowing that most likely I do know from experience what I write about.

      From the printing of my first book 15 years ago to this, my tenth and latest book on the subject of ghosts, I’ve personally noticed the level of intense curiosity generated by people’s need to read, and thus inform themselves, about the life that is beyond the transition of death.

      This human search for spiritual meaning, in a world currently filled with so much negativity, is of no vague consequence. I have for some time noticed with obvious particular interest, this enormous revival of the spiritual, a interest that increases every year. Humanity is definitely searching for a focus, for an immortal essence of truth and identity, and perhaps even a little purpose.

      There are many writers, chroniclers of the “spirit world,” who have attempted to give their own personal definition of, and discoveries on, this most selective, yet universal subject. Most, will fail in this attempt. How can they define what they have not yet consciously experienced? But, I do know that they will have their chance, we all will—once we ourselves are in spirit form. Until that transition, it is best to simply, and to humbly state that all our research is implied. To do otherwise, for us to tack on the self-made label of “expert,” or “the authority” on the subject of life after death, is appallingly self-grandiose.

      The fact remains that no one, including this writer, can claim to be the authority of knowledge of the spirit world. As I have stated in my other books, “Spirits define themselves, they and only they control their own definitions!” To think otherwise is an illusion. Our paths differ but our quests are shared.

      Attitudes, opinions, and beliefs regarding spirits can run the gauntlet from being amusingly fun, religiously pious, and profanely sarcastic to intensely personal. Undeniably, there is a very human universal appeal

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