Wisdom Keys for Releasing Your Creative Potential. Dr. Jasmine Boone's Renner

Wisdom Keys for Releasing Your Creative Potential - Dr. Jasmine Boone's Renner

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      Wisdom Keys

      for Releasing


      Creative Potential


      Dr. Jasmine Renner

      Copyright 2012 Dr. Jasmine Renner, All rights reserved.

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      ISBN-13: 978-1-4566-0873-6

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      Wisdom Keys for Unlocking Your Creative Potential was birthed out of my journey and quest for wisdom. In the process, I gained knowledge and understanding and was unleashed into my creative potential. My desire is to share with you keys for unlocking your unlimited creative potential. My aim in this book is to help individuals realize and understand the depth of their creative abilities and to use the multifaceted wisdom keys espoused in this book to unlock their creative potential.

      I must first acknowledge like so many others, that although you can master and use these keys, creativity is not merely informational. Creativity is spiritual and environmental. By spiritual I mean, creativity stems from the core of who you really are. Creativity flows out of the internal environment of who you are and the discovery of your unlimited God-given mental potential. Each human being has a quantum level — what I refer to as the spiritual level. Your spiritual or quantum dimension is made up of your psychological energy, your focus, your emotion and momentum. Creativity is birthed and released when you truly and fully understand these invisible dimensions (that is your psychological energy, your focus, your emotional energy and your momentum) and work to maximize them appropriately.

      Every human being’s internal environment is a unique gift given to you by the creator with a primary purpose; to maximize the hidden invisible abilities to develop, create, replenish and fill the earth. However as human beings, you are entrusted with the sole responsibility of making sure you engage in its nurturing, renewing, conditioning and development that maximizes the effectiveness of your internal environment to receive creative insights.

      Creativity has no doubt become an evasive concept for many. Many people value it, many want it but few ever get to expressing it. Why is it so? My goal is to introduce you to the invaluable nuggets gained from discovering that creativity is not an additional project you add to your already full to do list but springs out of the essence of who you really are. Wisdom is the ability to discern, accept and to work in your creative abilities. In other words, wisdom is simply knowing what to do, when to do it, where to do it and with whom to do it with. This book also reflects the countless hours spent seeking wisdom steps or keys on the subject matter of creativity.

      Just a short word on keys since they form an integral part of this work. I must note that keys are a very interesting set of tools. Keys have unique abilities. They have the ability to unlock and to lock at the same time. Turn it one way and you lock resources away, even from those they belong to. Turn it the other way and you release resources and give people back to themselves. To realize our true creative potential- personally, corporately, in our organizations, at our churches, in our schools and in our communities, we need to dig deep into our quantum and spiritual level and think differently about ourselves and how we use different keys to unlock different things or dimensions.

      Keys are also precise. Their usage is calculated. Keys have the ability to open only what aligns with them correctly. As Dr. Mike Murdock puts it: “You do not need a lot of keys to enter a bank vault. Just the right key.” Little keys often unlock huge treasures.

      Just as you cannot use your house keys to start your car engine, neither can you used your office keys to open the gym at your campus so the wisdom keys espoused in this book cannot work if not applied accurately and correctly. Keys are therefore powerful but are fortunately or unfortunately prone to be “context specific”. That means you must hold and utilize the correct or right keys in any given situation in order to unlock or lock the right thing you desire.

      Using wisdom as a guide and tool in understand and releasing your creative potential is crucial. Proverbs 4: 7 it states that: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. I point out in this book that wisdom is an essential part of the quantum level of creativity. Therefore in this wisdom keys and creativity series, I will attempt to begin a dialogue on the role of wisdom in creativity to lay the foundation for our discourse. The keys espoused in this book are the same and can be applied in every nation, in every tribe and for all peoples. It can be applied anywhere, everywhere and at any time.

      This is because there are universal undeniable principles that govern every human being. The wisdom keys espoused in this book are universal for all who will dare to use then appropriately. A farmer in Australia applying these keys correctly will have the same result as a billionaire in Wall Street.

      My desire and prayer is that as you read this book you will be birthed into an awareness about your creative potential and that your heart will be opened up for a download, an outpouring of this understanding. You may need to realign your thinking to fine tune or tweak your internal environment and momentum. You may also need to create what I call a consistent “creative environment” around you and avoid creative cramps by doing some strategic things in your quest to release your creative potential.

      I found wisdom many years ago. Wisdom has lead me through these years. Among the several things she (wisdom) has done is unleashing my creative potential in ways that are significant, unbelievable and eye-opening. Come on this journey with me. Allow me to guide you to search for and find your creative edge. Here’s wishing you an enjoyable ride as I put in your hands valuable lifelong wisdom keys for unlocking your creativity potential.

      Dr. Jasmine R. Renner

      “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”

      Carl Jung

      “Creativity can be found on the quantum level. It is both spiritual and environmental. It is akin to a mental awakening and revolution. It is literally an individual become transformed by the way he or she see things. Creativity is not just a learned behavior but an inspired mental shift where you are willing to step out in your world of ideas and take a pioneering position to create, make the world a better place and bless your generation.”

      Jasmine Renner


      To my wonderful husband, my mentor, my greatest constructive critic and best friend Sylvester you’ve inspired me all the way. You are super!! I am indebted to your kindness, thoughtfulness, patience and wisdom throughout this work.

      To my beloved son Daniel Denzel You are only two and a half years old but– my most inspiring creative marathon. You’ve sparked momma’s creative juices enough for me to pen my thoughts on paper and now all I can do is share it to your generation and mine. I love you so much.

      To all those who long to release their creative potential but do not or have not found the way to do so. Your hour is NOW. Take off the limits. Be Creative! You Are Free!

      Chapter One: Why Creativity Now?

      But there is [a vital force or energy] in man, a spirit [of intelligence] and the breath of the Almighty gives men understanding. Job 32. 8

      So I begin with the million dollar question why creativity now?

      I have always had a keen and curious mind and have always been an imaginative person. When I was young, I recall that I would often imagine myself in several seemingly unreal situations doing unreal things. I was told I was an active

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