earthship WIZARDS: Part 1. Michael Reynolds

earthship WIZARDS: Part 1 - Michael  Reynolds

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      Part 1

      by Michael Reynolds

      Copyright 2012 Michael Reynolds

      All rights reserved.

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      ISBN-13: 978-1-4566-0827-9

      No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the author. The only exception is by a reviewer, who may quote short excerpts in a review.

      This book centers around and was inspired by an experience with four wizards. From this experience I have developed a way of thinking and living that is vividly expressed in my architectural work. I wrote this book to present both the method of thinking and the architectural work, as together they are taking me on a journey I feel would be valuable to document.

      The book can be thought of as having three parts. Part one calls forth an appropriate state of mind from which to perceive the "Wizard Information." The journey begins here with the human condition, and slowly moves out of it as the book progresses.

      Part two presents the "Wizard Information" along with a real and existing way of applying it in our reality. This is where my architectural work appears- as an example of this type of thinking manifesting a new reality.

      The third part moves beyond our own reality, via the "Wizard Information," into the universe and toward an image of God.

      Thus, the book is a journey toward a state of mind from which the "Wizard Information" can be perceived. It then moves through that information and beyond the human condition. It is about finding and moving toward our potential. My hope is that opening this book to any page will present some aspect of this potential.

      Thank you for your attention,

      Michael E. Reynolds


      Immediately after graduating from architecture school in 1969, I moved to Taos, New Mexico, because I had been there on vacation and loved it. Taos is a Spanish/ Indian/ Anglo valley flanked on the northeast by beautiful mountains including the sacred mountain of the Pueblo Indians. This mountain is said to be one of the power spots on the planet. To the southwest of Taos lie rolling mesas covered with sage and cactus, cut sharply by e Rio Grande Gorge and extending on into the sunset and the ever more distant mountains.

      Since I moved here I have never wanted to leave. Something happened to me here. I felt so at home that I think I must have stumbled onto my own energy. What I mean is, I found that particular state of mind which allows the oneness or the wholeness of the universe to prevail over human dogma. I believe this state of mind is a key to the limitless energy of the universe.

      This realization may have been enhanced by the research I had been doing with pyramids. Both historical and scientific research in this realm lead me to believe that matter appropriately aligned and proportioned in the pyramid shape allows an intensified contact with the energy of the universe at large.

      I became so enthralled with pyramids that I built a large, perfectly scaled one on top of my house and had my bed right at the king's chamber location. So here I was, sleeping in a pyramid in a beautiful valley at the base of a sacred power mountain, in a land so akin to the very existence of my own being that it felt like it ran in my body, through my veins and out again.

      My work as an architect/builder began to reflect what was happening to me. The earth became a sacred place that I wanted human life to embrace rather than exploit. I set about trying to achieve this for myself and others. I became focused on developing self sufficient housing made from recycled materials using energy from the sun and wind.

      During this time, in the early 1970's, I began having intense experiences, dreams, instances of automatic writing, and out-right visions. The highlight came one afternoon when I was lying up in the pyramid on my back just gazing into space. I was not on any drug, alcohol or other mind altering substance. In this relaxed, open state of mind enhanced by the pyramid, I was visited in a vision by four wizards. They clearly and vividly made me aware of a way of seeing and moving that grows in potential through use, with apparently infinite resonance.

      I gave cautious consideration to this at first, but then as I began to find similarities between their information, eastern mysticism and quantum physics ( which are currently finding similarities to each other ) along with traditional religion, the ways of the Shaman, the nature of plants and animals, and the processes of the planet itself, I became less cautious and more focused about this information. I found myself on a journey to a world that reflects more than just the human condition.

      This book is my documentation of that journey. In the appendix are a few unedited excerpts from a journal I was keeping at the time. They are included to frame the state of mind from which I pursued my work, lived my life and wrote this book.

      Because this book is based on a journal, it is simply a telling of what I have seen. In order to communicate this in terms acceptable to our reality, I have related certain aspects of the text to currently existing realms of thought such as quantum physics, astro-physics, religion, psychology, ecology, and nature in general. I have also used such currently accepted methods of communication as language, mathematics, and graphics.

      All of the above realms of thought and methods of communication have limits because they are all conceived by and for the human condition. However, if one wishes to communicate something to others, one must relate in terms that those others are open to. Unfortunately, the power we give existing realms of thought and methods of communication ( our collective dogma ) tends to limit our ability to see anything in any terms other than the existing dogma.

      This dilemma has limited our ability to include, for example, the relatively new found world of quantum physics in our daily reality. Quantum physics is the study of the world inside the atom, the nature of various particles and forces of which the atom is composed. Particles of matter are so minute here that matter itself appears to be simply energy and energy potentially matter. Inside the atom we have a void of potentiality much like the void spoken of in mysticism. These works seem to be pushing the understood quantum reality into the less understood spiritual reality. Thus we are beginning to have a loosely lumped “catch all” category of phenomenon and realms we do not understand under the vague heading called God.

      Throughout history, humans have established a pattern of calling phenomenon that is not understood, God. We have had fire gods, sun gods, rain gods, thunder gods, earth gods, and plant gods. As we grew to understand these phenomenon, we moved the title God on out to the realms that we still did not understand thus keeping God always just out of reach and ourselves always reaching. Now we have found a reality in the subatomic world of quantum physics that we cannot understand, and we find ourselves calling photons and electrons, God.

      Our efforts to define God when we do not know exactly what we are, seem to be premature if not ridiculous. The Bible says humans were created in the image of God. If this is the case, we would need simply to find ourselves to have the potential to know the image of God. Only then could we even begin to be in a position to entertain the thought of what God actually is; and then I suspect it will not matter

      I am more taken

      by one who lives the truth

      than by one who speaks it

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