Three. Amanda Boone's Peters

Three - Amanda Boone's Peters

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      Amanda Peters

      Aventine Press

      Copyright 2012, Amanda Peters

      All rights reserved

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      ISBN-13: 978-1-4566-0867-5

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      Dedicated to My Better Half,

      To Our Extended Family,

      And to Dreamers Everywhere.


      This book includes three science fiction stories that I haven’t published anywhere else. I know the title of the book – “Three” – is a little simplistic, but I wore myself out just thinking up titles for the three stories themselves. You’ll see what I mean when you check out the next page.

      Each of these stories offers one or more concepts that I hope might have value in the “real world” – the world that you and I live in. The first story – about an Air Force pilot nicknamed “Sandman” – suggests a concept for battling tornadoes. (I wrote that story in 2006.) The second story – about a Remote Viewer named Reggie – provides a possible search technique for missing children. (I wrote that one in 2007.) The third story – about a “Doorway” – well, that one’s pretty far out there, but it does give you a possible explanation as to why our search for extraterrestrial intelligent life hasn’t turned up any candidates. (I finished that story just this year. What can I tell you? The older I get, the weirder I get.)

      Regardless of whether the concepts in these stories have value or not, the stories should be entertaining. Right?

      And only you, Dear Reader, can decide whether they are.

      I have my fingers crossed.

      Amanda Peters

      May, 2009


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