Live Life Beyond the Laundry. Christy Boone's Tryhus

Live Life Beyond the Laundry - Christy Boone's Tryhus

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      Live Life Beyond The Laundry

      7 Strategies to Shift Life From Chaos to Calm

      Christy Tryhus

      Live Life Beyond the Laundry

      7 Strategies to Shift Life from Chaos to Calm

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      The creation of this book has required the support of many people. I would first like to thank my husband Neil for encouraging me to follow my passion of helping people learn and grow to their fullest potential. Without his support I would not have been able to complete the journey of writing a book and creating a successful coaching and training business.

      I would also like to thank my kids for their love, support and for allowing me to tell silly little stories about them in my book. Thank you, Amy, for all the extra time you dedicated to the success of this book. And finally, I would like to acknowledge the support of my parents and friends that provided their encouragement through this journey.

      Thank you…I am grateful you are all a part of my life.


      When you’re a little girl, no one tells you how much laundry you will have to do when you grow up. There should be more to life than laundry, more to life than sorting, folding, and searching for that missing sock. How can you move beyond the responsibilities and obligations that create chaos in your life and shift toward living a balanced life? The purpose of life is not making sure everyone has clean underwear.

      So many women get caught up in their busy day-to-day schedules and responsibilities that they forget to enjoy life. Life was meant to be enjoyed, not just tolerated. Live Life Beyond the Laundry teaches strategies to successfully manage day-to-day schedules and responsibilities through a variety of activities and tools. The strategies are adaptable to take into account the special qualities of your family and life. Once you put these time-tested strategies and tools into action, you will lead a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment. You will achieve what most busy women only dream of: balance.

      You may be asking: why Live Life Beyond The Laundry? That is how many women gauge their lives. I hear women say:

      •“Just a minute. I need to throw in a load of laundry.”

      •“No, I can’t go to a movie today. I need to catch up on the laundry.”

      •“Oh, I am so glad the weekend is here. I can catch up on the laundry.”

      An interesting fact: I did the math and I have completed roughly 7,500 loads of laundry over the last 25 years. That is a lot of laundry to do all while raising a husband, three kids, a cat and a dog. Do your math; you will be amazed.

      Many women, and I assume you are one of them since you purchased this book, don’t begin living life or allowing themselves to enjoy life until the laundry is caught up. Based on this observation, I equate living life beyond the laundry to balancing your life. It’s just my fun way of reminding myself of the importance of balancing life.

      Living Life Beyond the Laundry = Balancing Life

      Are you ready to begin living life to the fullest and enjoying life beyond the laundry? The decision is yours. If you answered a whole-hearted YES, read on.

      Before you begin to create successful change in your life, you must understand one critical key. Successful change requires a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Live Life Beyond the Laundry will help you create the ideal vision of what you want your life to look like. Once you have created the vision, you will learn how to create action plans using the strategies and tools highlighted in each chapter. Finally, one last critical component: You will learn how to celebrate your success. That’s your reward for doing the hard work.

      So many of us plan and plan and forget to do. When you complete the activities in the following chapters and put them into action in your life, I guarantee you will increase your happiness, work/life balance and overall joy for life.

      Let’s look at it a different way: A carpenter would not get very far building a house if he or she didn’t have a blueprint, organized daily plan, hammer and saw. This book is your blueprint, and each chapter will explain how to correctly use the tools and strategies in the work/life balance toolbox. Learn how to utilize the right tools at the right time to take life from chaos to calm. You are constructing your life the way you want it to be.

      Create your best possible life by first following a blueprint (this book) and then using the correct tools (the 7 Strategies) to achieve the desired results. In Live Life Beyond the Laundry, each tool is designed to meet the unique needs of your family. Learn how to apply the tools to achieve your desired life. It’s not enough to learn about them; you must put them into action. Why wait another day? Begin to Live Life Beyond The Laundry today. The key to success is using the tools on a daily basis. Daily action creates results.

      You may be thinking, as most women do, “I am too busy to do any more. My life is crazy busy already.” Reframe your thinking. You are too busy not to learn how to manage your day-to-day schedules and responsibilities better. Begin today; put the first strategy into action and notice the results. I am not expecting you to move a mountain. Making positive changes in life is all about taking baby steps. As I mentioned above, daily action creates results.

      Below is an overview of the 7 Strategies to take life from chaos to calm. By the end of this book, you will have a complete understanding of each strategy and will fully understand how each tool in the work/life balance toolbox can benefit your life.

      These strategies

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