Soul Windows....Secrets from the Divine. Susan Z Rich

Soul Windows....Secrets from the Divine - Susan Z Rich

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      Soul Windows....Secrets from the Divine


      Susan Z Rich

      Copyright 2012 Susan Z Rich,

      All rights reserved.

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      As a seasoned intuitive, emotional addiction counselor, author, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and holistic therapist of twenty years, I have listened to most versions of life’s challenges in one form or another. The one question that repeatedly came up was, “Why is this happening to me in my life now”? I asked the same question about my own life challenges many times. One of them being my own personal health challenge of Stage Four Breast cancer 15 years ago in which I chose to heal myself naturally without chemotherapy or surgery. Through a systematic and guided process of staying energetically observant to the similarities of life cycles everyone went through, I was able to see a pattern of divine communication. These communications sent from the divine inner self to assist the soul living out its scripted life journey. Those communications are in the form of scheduled life cycle signals to prompt change and growth. When these spiritual coding signals are activated, it opens a Soul Window. A Soul Window is similar to a memo sent to the dreaming soul to have a look at what point in this life adventure will change begin to happen. Meaning, what did you come here to do, accomplish, release or possibly finish and is it now time?

      As baby boomers are hitting the most challenging Soul Window of Chiron Return (the 50-year birth cycle) and the young generation is experiencing instantaneous karma, all old paradigms of beliefs and foundations are crumbling. Soul Windows allow you to make a connection with your inner Divine self, get a spiritual pep talk and a new game plan for the next life cycle of your living incarnation. Something like your divine life coach calling you to the sidelines and giving the next plays on your life journey. Helping you to find your “Muchness” and to let your “God Sparkle” shine! I hope the information I was gifted to share about Soul Windows will help you experience this life journey in more joy and enlighten you with a few “Aha, that makes so much sense” moments.


      Susan Z Rich

      How Soul Windows Help Us Remember Our Life Script

      After 20 years of sharing emotional and intuitive counseling, helping clients to learn how to become empowered, I discovered an amazing life process I call Soul Windows. A perfectly balanced divine communication system to help you on this journey you call life. Soul Windows are the tools of the divine self that shake up all the emotional belief systems you designed for yourself to create a karmic release of separation from Oneness. You will accept a belief and go along with dysfunctional ideas created by tribal, family or environmental conditions and then you hit a certain age and something does not sit well with you anymore. The usual comments depending on what Soul Window we are talking about is “No, I do not want to do that anymore, I am unhappy and do not know why or I just cannot take this anymore.” Your personal beliefs attract and create your physical reality. If taught as a child that love always comes with the conditions of being hurt and disappointment, then all your life interactions are based on those beliefs. You would repeatedly create relationships that would support that concept of love because it is all you know. Even though it may bring you hurt and unhappiness time and time again, the comfort level of familiarity and the fear of the unknown keeps you in the loop. Your identity is wrapped completely around that belief system. It is not an authentic truth, but it is your truth and more than likely your family, tribal or even religious truths. Somewhere on your life journey, your divine self will set it up to question your loyalty to those beliefs through the Soul Windows. You are not going to change any dysfunctional belief unless you can convince your sub-conscious (Inner Child emotions) there is something better to replace it.

      I used a self-hypnosis program of Empowered Thinking to help accomplish that goal with clients. If the Inner Child begins to hear repeatedly what they believed to be love might actually be something else, they can make a choice of rejecting the old and replacing it with a more loving version. You must first experience a new version of belief that makes you feel better about yourself. Once you experience a feel good moment, the Inner Child will happily embrace the new belief. If it feels good then it must be better, it makes sense on every level. Your sub-conscious is just a big emotional computer program that controls your feelings and responding behavior based on the core beliefs that are running. You can begin to make choices that do not support hurt or abandonment and begin to experience the unconditional love that is truly yours by birthright. Soul Windows are the tools the divine self uses to help the Inner Child learn how to trust that knowing inner voice. They also help the adult listen to the knowing voice of divine reason instead of the ego’s screams of fear. After repeatedly giving the subconscious feel good emotional beliefs, the Inner Child’s behavior will embrace the new idea and start making choices accordingly. You realize you like how the new ideas make you feel and the change begins. Healing change comes down to whose opinion you value more, someone else’s opinion of you given to you as a young child or how you want to feel about yourself now. You must first have a feel good belief program running in your sub-conscious mind before you can make that choice.

      After watching clients change to the better with the Empowered Thinking program, I began to notice that every age group had certain life challenges that came about regardless of what their story was. There was a pattern to this madness, as they say. The astonishing fact is that you have in your soul’s etheric field, scheduled life cycle signals designed to become active at certain age groups in your life journey. These energetic life cycle signals, created to open particular Soul Windows, bring a change of desires and situations for you to begin a new life chapter. Allowing that program to do what you came here to do, for the soul to experience growth. It is like a window opening in order for the soul to become remapped and rewired to make change. Look at it from this perspective, you are sleeping and dreaming and then the lights turn on briefly, getting your attention and giving you the agenda for the next life cycle, which by the way YOU wrote.

      People attached to the good opinion of others have deep self-doubts about where their own value comes from. Co-dependence is a common behavior of low self-esteem and sometimes is so subtle you cannot recognize the real issue. If someone has the capability to push your buttons or make you do something you are not happy doing, then you are attached to their good opinion of you. You need to have that person embrace the same beliefs and opinions you have or you feel challenged over the control you think you are losing. When you finally disconnect yourself from the good opinion of others, you feel a real sense of freedom and a great burden lifted. It can be a 24 hour a day job trying to figure out how to get others to do what you need them to do. Trying to second-guess someone else’s thinking and figure out what YOU have to do to get their approval is emotionally exhausting, frustrating and futile. When you finally realize this, you have that incredible epiphany and ah ha moment of healing. You now know your opinion of yourself is the only one that really counts and actually has the most value. There is a spiritual saying that when you shift your perception of disharmony and finally see for the first time the cause of it, you realize you have just missed the obvious! Usually that happens when you finally become aware you were never going to win at being loved unconditionally anyway. Someone was always going to out think or out manipulate you to get their needs met first. Soul Windows assist you with bringing about this new wisdom to help you see things from an authentic perspective. Trying to live a co-dependent life and thinking eventually you will figure out how you are going to get your

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