365 Daily Wisdom and Creativity: Confessions and Affirmations. Dr. Jasmine Boone's Renner

365 Daily Wisdom and Creativity: Confessions and Affirmations - Dr. Jasmine Boone's Renner

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      365 Daily Wisdom and Creativity Confessions and Affirmations

      © Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved

      Dr. Jasmine Renner

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      ISBN-13: 978-1-4566-0882-8

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      “A wisdom and creativity pill a day keeps the creative cramps away.” -- Jasmine Renner

      In this E Book and (accompanying audio book) you will discover the unlimited transformative power of wisdom and creativity through confessions and affirmations. 365 Daily wisdom and creativity confessions was birth as a sequel to the book Wisdom Keys for Releasing your Creative Potential. Meditate upon, rehearse in your mind, speak continually to yourself these Life-giving confessions, declarations and affirmations that can literally translate your everyday life into a positive arena of creative flow and momentum. This is what this E -book (accompanying audio book) is all about. Both E book and audio book can be used separately with notable results. When used together, it will compel you to take what I refer to as a wisdom and creative pill daily. The effect of this audio book is revolutionary. If done appropriately and on a daily basis with faith in your heart and belief in the creator of all wisdom and creativity, it will literally produce a transformative effect in creating, developing and conditioning your mind to think creative thoughts. The power of the written and listening word cannot be overemphasized. It is a known fact that the process of listening involves four stages namely; receiving, attending to, understanding and responding. A cumulative effect of these four practices will cause creative energy to flow you in various expressions. The E and (accompanying audio book) encompasses both wisdom and creativity confessions, declarations and affirmations, as a practical tool how to do framework for releasing your creative potential.

      This practical tool perfects the remarkable power of repeated listening and hearing to produce a persistent sustainable creative internal environment and mindset. Life giving confessions, declarations and affirmations are provided to eliminate negative thought patterns and create positive, permanent changes within yourself are provided. Personal anecdotes from the author’s diary and inspiring, insightful declarations and confessions aid you in making the most of this simple, effective, powerful tool for self-transformation. This E- book also includes a Wisdom and Creative Confessions Workbook for personal reflection.

      With this downloadable E and accompanying audio book companion you can listen to 365 daily wisdom and creative confessions on your iPod, kindle, iTunes, your ipad or your iphone. Listening to wisdom and creative confessions a day, keeps creative cramps away.

      Dr. Jasmine Renner

      Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat of its fruit.

      (Proverbs 18:21)

      So faith comes from hearing the message

      (Romans 10:17)


      “What you are hearing is creating what you are feeling.” - Dr. Mike Murdock.

      Great leaders are great listeners, and therefore my message today is a simple one – settle down and listen more. The best leaders are proactive, strategic, and intuitive listeners. They recognize knowledge and wisdom are not gained by simply talking or reading, but by listening.

      This book and (accompanying audio book) is a practical tool for creating an internal sustainable atmosphere of wisdom and creativity through the art of reading and listening. Life giving confessions, declarations and affirmations are based on the established principles of the creator’s manual making creativity and wisdom accessible to people of all backgrounds, races and geographical locations. There's no better source for both practical and spiritual wisdom than the time-tested knowledge found in the power of confession.

      In 365 Daily Wisdom and Creativity Confessions Jasmine offers a practical approach to wisdom and creativity confessions based on a collection of well-established principles that are life giving. This book and (accompanying audio book) details lasting, unchanging, time-proven, solid and permanent principles that have stood the test of time. It explores the vision of cultivating a year -round system of renewal and positioning of your mind to think creative and wisdom thoughts. The E and audio book's focus is on making accessible to individuals of all backgrounds, races and geographical regions the timeless truth that has been have used for centuries to release your creative potential wisdom. This E and Audio book:

      •Outlines daily creativity and wisdom confessions and affirmations based on time-tested principles from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

      •Includes insights that will increase your potential for creativity and wisdom, no matter what your background, race or geographical location may be. .

      •Blends wisdom and creative confessions from the author, Jasmine’s own creative diary and experiences with the wisdom from the creator’s manual.

      This book also provides a wisdom and creativity workbook that will be of tremendous benefit to a creativity practitioner.

      Use this Book and Audio Book to:

      •Stimulate imagination and creativity with this relaxing piece of wisdom and creativity confessions and affirmations from the creator’s manual.

      •Manifest sustainable creativity and growth around your current undertaking, whether a business or hobby.

      •Bring new creative opportunities into your life, as well as the people, finances, and resources to easily support them.

      •Surge past creative " cramps" and make breakthroughs in your field of endeavor.

      •Slip on your headphones and listen to Wisdom and Creativity Confessions. Within minutes your mind will soar to heights of inspiration as hopefully, new ideas and insights spontaneously flash into consciousness. Use the e-book as a guide and companion to consistently keep these confessions before your eyes

      •365 Daily Wisdom and Creativity confessions and affirmations provide pure and precisely tuned sound waves that balance right and left hemispheres of your brain.

      •Make a change from your current status quo of doing nothing into a more creatively fulfilling lifestyle and get in touch with your own unique creative talent.

      A Short Note about 365 Daily Wisdom and Creativity Confessions

      Warning: prolonged use of wisdom and creativity confessions may create a permanent creative attitude. :)

      “WORDS are forces. Speak and think about words of life daily as a creative being and see your life propel in that direction.” – Quote by Jasmine Renner

      Wisdom and creativity confessions and affirmations when done correctly positions your “spirited mind” to download creative juices from your source the creator of the universe. Wisdom and creativity confessions and affirmations can be done more successfully with these simple rules. Remember, wisdom and creativity confessions require a deliberative act of the reader and listener to send a message to your incredible spirited mind. With that in mind, here are some simple rules to adhere to make the greatest use out of these confessions and affirmations.

      Rule #1 Be consistent


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