The Angel and His Witch. JR Martens

The Angel and His Witch - JR Martens

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      The Angel and His Witch


      JR Martens

      Copyright 2012 JR Martens,

      All rights reserved.

      Published in eBook format by

      ISBN-13: 978-1-4566-0886-6

      No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the author. The only exception is by a reviewer, who may quote short excerpts in a review.

      I would like to thank my loving friend and wife Dawn for being supportive of this endeavor. I would also like to thank my friends who have been encouraging.

      I could not have written this without the inspiration of Sheri who allowed me to have creative license with Rissy.

      The Time Has Come

      Johann woke in the middle of the night with a start. Freya was sitting on his bed beside him stroking his face with her gentle hand. She leaned down and kissed him on his cheek. “My darling son I have good news for you.” “What news?” he asked sleepily. “It is the time, Johann, finally.” Freya whispered in his ear still caressing him.” “Time for what?” he asked. “The time for you and your true love to be together forever as was promised.” Johann scrambled out of bed to get ready. “Johann, she is not here; you will have to find her and in which personality she appears. I cannot say nor would I even if I knew. This is your quest and always has been.” Johann slumped into his armchair. “It is best that I do find her rather than you telling me and I am sure Odin is laughing about our little visit here tonight.” Freya smiled. “You of all beings should know how he is. It is now time for me to leave. However Johann no matter what happens please come to visit me.”

      Immediately he began searching for his love, but he was not sure where to begin, so he called Charlotte the daughter of Randolf and Svelta, his trusted servants. Charlotte explained that the best way to search for Rissy or Risanne would be to get a computer and searching the internet. Johann had no idea what the internet was but he had heard of computers. He had never liked technological gadgets and had had no desire to do so until now. He told Charlotte, Randolf, and Svelta that he was ready to learn anything to find his true love. For the first time in ages it looked as though Johann had found something to look forward too and he had. No one really understood Johann’s relationship and love for Rissy/Risanne and did not understand his impatience at not being able to find her.

      Johann had never known when he might run into Rissy or Risanne again or which one it would be until they started talking. Times were so different from the last time he found her; it was no longer the Sixteenth Century but the Twenty-First. There were none of these electronic gadgets that are everywhere now. How would he find her? The computer searches and private investigators had come up with naught. Finally he had been told by one of her distant relatives that she was somewhere in Savannah. Johann packed and left the house in Germany to go to the state of Georgia in the United States of America. Randolf, Svelta, and Charlotte had already gone to open the old house that he had procured from some flashy, false arrogant, wishful aristocratic vampire. The only thing Johann liked about the beast was that he was hilarious, and did have a good taste in women. Johann did not like jets; he still preferred to fly under his own power. It was much quicker and made him feel free. He spread his wings and rose into the air.

      As he was flying he couldn’t help but wonder which one she would be this time. All he knew was that he loved her and he knew that as soon as they became acquainted she would have feelings for him that she would not be able to understand. “This time things would be different” he told himself. Freya had told him that the appointed era had finally arrived. Rissy or Risanne would have to be in the new home of her family. No not the house, but the place. Johann had to find her; he just hoped that she had not already married this time. He was wondering if she had accepted what she was yet or not, if she came as Risanne she would most likely have and if she came as Rissy, she may have not. So many things went through his mind about their lives together and he wanted her to be with him forever starting tonight. Finally he reached his new home, Savannah, Georgia.

      The previous owner met him and they had a few drinks. Then something was said by the nightwalker that troubled Johann. “I see that you have a thing for the lovely red haired witches. This is not the first time I’ve seen you in pursuit of them, but what is curious is that they all look almost exactly alike. The color of their eyes may be different but really nothing else. Same height and weight, but Johann there is one other thing too isn’t there? One’s a vixen and the other though not prudish is not very how should we say...adventurous? Yes that word would fit. Perhaps I should pay her a visit.” This was the worst statement that the flashy fool could have made. Johann looked deep into this vampire’s violet eyes. “You only think you met the devil and felt the bowels of hell. You go near her and I promise you that you will wish even more than you already do that your petty existence had never begun. Go tell the others of her clan if you wish, you pathetic crybaby and see what happens. They will tell you what you deal with. I could have snatched your soul many times but you provided me with too much enjoyment, I grow tired of you.” The vampire began to protest when Johann allowed his wings to protrude, but as he did so one of Rissy’s clan appeared and took the vampire by the shoulders. “Prince of Darkness, meet the angel of death, the first one.” Johann just smiled and nodded to The Prince of Darkness, who was visibly shaken by this point. The lovely witch took the vampire away but before doing so looked at Johann and said “Johann, she knows what she is and she even knows you are here. No one told her, she just knew.”

      As those two disappeared into the crowd, Johann began to rise when suddenly there was a giggle across from him. “Hello Johann. It is a pleasure to meet you. I know so much about you but how I don’t know. As I can tell we have been together many times before. I will have this knowledge for just a few hours before I go back to my natural state. I was allowed to have a bit of insight my love, but you will have to assist me in learning everything once more after the witching hour. Do you know what form I’m in?” Without blinking an eye he replied, “You are Rissy.” It was stated clearly and as fact. She looked at him quizzically. “How did you know?” A smile crossed his face. “Risanne would have sat in my lap and ground her hips against me and probably would not have just sat across from me and giggled. She would have taken me to her place and made love all night until the spell faded.” The look on her face told a lot. She had not expected him to be so quick or blunt. They spoke for awhile before he looked at the clock on the wall and offered to walk her home. She allowed this and when they arrived they kissed deeply. “I will be expecting you tomorrow night Johann, but you will have to approach me. I will be at the place we met tonight, but not recognize you.” He kissed her once more before turning to leave. “This is our final adventure you know.” “Yes Johann I know, but not even I truly know what that means except that we will be together forever. This is not quite the same Rissy you have known, because it is the right time.” She kissed him once more deeply. “You know she will still make you wait though this will be hard for her to do this time. This body has never been touched in any way by another.” She giggled. “The way it has been meant to be since this all first began.” Somehow he knew this was true and the only other time he had this feeling was long ago when he found her in a tavern.

      The Date

      As Johann walked home after saying good night to the witch he wondered what adventures this new era with Rissy would bring. She was lovely as usual and yes there was a difference this time. He thought of previous times when they had lived together. He remembered how shy she usually was and how no matter innocent she may be, he could not allow himself to make her his no matter how much she pleaded, but Rissy would not let it go. It was Risanne who had become greedier as time went on but this time Rissy and Risanne would have merged and from what she had told him through her soul earlier, he knew it was true. The time was here and now all he had to do was to try to win her affections.

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