Strictly Temporary. Robyn Grady

Strictly Temporary - Robyn Grady

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       “This snow’s not letting up. If we’re going back into town we need to go now.”

      “My cabin’s a short drive from here,” he said. “Don’t know about you, but I’d rather dance naked in that snow than be stuck in a cab when she wakes up crying.”

      The baby squeaked again, louder this time. Then her nose wrinkled before she settled fitfully. Trinity pressed her lips together for a moment, and then her hold on the seatbelt eased.

      “All right. We’ll go to your place.”

      Wasting no time, Zack tapped the driver’s shoulder and the cab pulled carefully out of the snow-clogged drive.

      Despite her stand, his instinct said she was as attracted to him as he was to her. Could be interesting getting to know her a little better.

      Gazing out the window, Zack slowly smiled.

      Who was he kidding? Truth was he’d like to get to know Ms. Matthews and her attitude a whole lot more….

      About the Author

      One Christmas long ago ROBYN GRADY received a book from her big sister and immediately fell in love with Cinderella. Sprinklings of magic, deepest wishes come true—she was hooked! Picturebooks with glass slippers later gave way to romance novels and, more recently, the real-life dream of writing for Mills & Boon.

      After a fifteen-year career in television, Robyn met her own modern-day hero. They live on Australia’s Sunshine Coast with their three little princesses, two poodles, and a cat called Tinkie. She loves new shoes, worn jeans, lunches at Moffat Beach and hanging out with her friends on eHarlequin.

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      Robyn Grady

       Dear Reader

      When my editor asked if I wanted to write a story about billionaires and babies, my answer was an emphatic, ‘You bet!’ Nothing brings out a big strong man’s vulnerabilities more than placing a tiny person in his uncompromising line of advance. And as I tossed around ideas for a storyline the ways to create and widen cracks in my hero’s armour began to grow.

      My favourite kind of hero is in charge of his environment. He knows what he wants and how to get it on his terms. I began to scheme ways to place as many roadblocks in cool-and-collected Zack Harrison’s ‘environment’ as possible. First a much coveted business deal simply won’t come together. Then a freak snowstorm leaves Zack isolated with a baby who has materialised out of thin air. Finally there’s an incredibly sexy woman who not only disapproves of practically everything Zack stands for, but also manages to challenge his deepest beliefs. Check, check and check!

      After a single day and two amazing nights, when these problems are finally cleared from his life, Zack barely recognises himself. This predicament—the unprecedented feelings Trinity Matthews and that abandoned baby have brought out in him—was all supposed to be STRICTLY TEMPORARY.

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      Hope you enjoy the story!

      Best wishes


      This story is dedicated to another gorgeous Zack.

      Mission accomplished!

      With much thanks to my wonderful editor, Shana Smith, for her continuing belief and support, as well as to Jessica Alvarez for her fabulous input.

      Much appreciated, ladies!


      Cool. Unruffled.

      Nothing rattled Zack Harrison’s cage.

      He viewed Denver’s unseasonal snowfall this afternoon as a picturesque bonus more than an inconvenience. Today’s setback with regard to his latest acquisition strike was another challenge, not a reason to rant. Achieving a goal should involve effort, Zack decided as he shrugged into his overcoat, thanked the concierge and collected his briefcase. He’d simply need to get more…inventive was the word.

      However, his patience was sorely tested when it came to the press. Last month’s beat-up was nothing short of laughable. Apparently he was a fiend who left underprivileged families homeless in order to expand his evil empire. And what about that recent piece questioning his treatment of an ambitious actress he’d been seeing? Without exception he treated women with respect but, from the get-go, he and Ally had agreed upon “fun and casual,” not “if I don’t see a diamond ring, I’ll expose your darkest secret.” As if blackmail would work. Unlike his father and siblings, this Harrison didn’t give a rat’s behind what people thought.

      But on this late-spring afternoon, as he strode from the hotel’s entrance, yanked open the waiting cab’s back passenger door and zipped inside the toasty cabin, Zack’s calm fled and he jumped back in his seat. He took a moment to adjust and study his unexpected company before leaning forward to tap the driver’s shoulder.

      “Your last fare forgot something.”

      The cabbie angled around. “A wallet?”

      “No,” Zack said. “A baby.”

      The other back door swung open. A cool rush whooshed inside along with a woman wearing a hooded cherry-red coat. She set a matching overnighter on her lap and promptly slapped the door shut against the howling drifts. Blowing warmth into her cupped hands, her attention shifted. Beneath the red hood, curious eyes the color of new violets slid from the infant car seat carrier up to Zack and back again.

      He considered her face, those eyes, and his chest grew unusually warm. He hadn’t met this woman before and yet something in her glittering gaze had him wondering if he knew her. Perhaps he’d simply like to.

      “I was in such a hurry, I didn’t see you get in,” she said, wrapping her manicured hands around the lip of her case. “Actually I couldn’t see much at all. Crazy, isn’t it? All this snow, I mean.”

      A slow smile hooked one side of his mouth as Zack’s gaze drank her in. “Yeah,” he said. “Crazy.”

      “It seems like the concierge called a cab ages ago. I walked to the curb to see if I could hail one down. I thought it might never come.”

      Zack’s smile faded. He’d stolen her ride? When he’d checked out a few minutes ago, the front desk had organized a cab. Exiting the hotel’s foyer, he’d merely assumed.

      He leaned forward again, spoke to the driver. He’d pick off this easier problem then take care of that other more complicated baby matter next.

      “Are you answering a call?”

      “Just back from dropping a fare at the airport.” The man behind the wheel pushed a maroon beret back on his brow before flicking on the meter. “Thought I’d swing in here and try my luck. No one’s going out in this weather ’less they have to.”

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