His Secret Life. Debra Webb

His Secret Life - Debra  Webb

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       “Just get out of the car, Benson.”

      He got out, closed the door and took a couple of steps. But he stalled. Decided there was one thing he had to do. He rounded the hood and opened up the driver’s side door.

      Jane glared up at him. “What?”

      “Get out of the car.”

      She didn’t argue, but got out. She folded her arms over her chest and lifted her chin defiantly.

      If he took a second to think about it, he would have probably realised what a stupid move this was.

      But he didn’t think about it. He dropped his bag and kissed her.

      Kissed her long and deep.

      She leaned into him and his body reacted.

      How long had it been since he’d kissed anyone like this?

      He didn’t know…didn’t care.

      She tasted warm and soft…sweet. Just like he’d known she would.

      His arms went around her, pulling her closer, tucking her hips against his. She made the sweetest sound.

      But he had to go…

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      His Secret Life


      Debra Webb

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      Debra Webb was born in Scottsboro, Alabama, to parents who taught her that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. She began writing at age nine. Eventually, she met and married the man of her dreams and tried some other occupations, including selling vacuum cleaners, working in a factory, a day-care centre, a hospital and a department store. When her husband joined the military, they moved to Berlin, Germany, and Debra became a secretary in the commanding general’s office. By 1985 they were back in the States and finally moved to Tennessee, to a small town where everyone knows everyone else. With the support of her husband and two beautiful daughters, Debra took up writing again, looking to mysteries and movies for inspiration.

      You can write to Debra with your comments at PO Box 64, Huntland, Tennessee 37345, USA, or visit her website at www.debrawebb.com to find out exciting news about her next book.

       Chapter One

       Colby Agency, 2:00 p.m.

      Victoria Colby-Camp collected her purse and prepared to order the car. Picking up her granddaughter at school would definitely be the highlight of this day.

      After spending a good portion of the morning at the E.R. with J.T. and Eve, then dealing with that unnerving call from the bastard behind the abduction attempts, Victoria had long passed exhaustion.

      She needed Lucas at her side. The government contact that served as a liaison whenever Lucas was on assignment had been unable to reach him or any member of his team. The reason, of course, was classified. Victoria had put off reaching out to Lucas again as long as she dared.

      She could no longer presume the threat to her granddaughter was minimal. With that call, the danger had escalated to a new level.

      This threat was not linked to Lucas or one of his personal enemies. The past had come back to haunt the Colby Agency once more.

      An associate of Errol Leberman, the archnemesis of the Colby name, was behind the threat. Victoria had not recognized the caller’s voice. He had refused to give his name, pushing Victoria into a corner and limiting her options to the single one she had hoped to avoid. Reaching out to Jim.

      The past few years her son had taken great strides in settling into a normal, happy life. Jim and his wife, Tasha, were immensely happy and their daughter, Jamie, thrived. This extended vacation to the remotest regions of Africa was the couple’s first getaway. Victoria had not wanted to disturb their escape. Her son so deserved to take a real vacation for the first time in his life. To experience an adventure that was for pure enjoyment and not related to his work.

      But the caller and the situation had left Victoria no choice.

      As she’d been forced to reach out to Lucas, her people had been attempting to reach Jim all day.

      Recent political unrest had concerned Victoria as to their selection of this safari for their getaway. Tasha had great empathy for the country and its many woes. She had chosen the place for that reason. Jim had agreed. Victoria had reminded herself that her son was more than capable of taking care of himself and his wife in any situation. There had been no need to worry.

      But that had been before. Before rumors surfaced that Jamie Colby was a target. Before they had been ambushed and three people had lost their lives.

       Before the call.

      Victoria shuddered as memories of Leberman and the horrors he had used against the Colby name crowded into her thoughts. Anyone associated with him would be every bit as evil and twisted. Worse, they would go to any lengths to accomplish their mission.

      The possibility of their success terrified Victoria.

      She swallowed back the emotions that constricted her throat. Victoria never allowed anyone or anything to shake her confidence and determination to this degree.

      But this absolutely shook her to the core.

      Perhaps she was not as strong as she once was.

      Her office door opened, snapping her to attention.

      “We have Jim on the line,” Ian Michaels announced.

      Simon Ruhl came in behind him, closed the door.

      A mixture of relief and anticipation seared Victoria’s senses. “Finally.”

      They moved to the conference table, where Ian activated the conferencing system. “Jim, Simon and I are in Victoria’s office. Are you in a position to speak at length?”

      “For as long as the connection lasts,” Jim granted.

      Emotion surged upon hearing her son’s voice. Victoria smiled even as tears welled in her eyes. “Jim, it’s good to hear your voice.”

      “What’s wrong? I can hear the worry in your voice, Victoria.”

      Victoria had hoped at some point her son would feel comfortable calling her mother. But that hadn’t happened yet. Years of brainwashing and bitterness had made any sort of intimacy on a normal level difficult. Still, their relationship

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