The Heartless Rebel. Lynn Raye Harris

The Heartless Rebel - Lynn Raye Harris

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       Cara sipped her champagne and watched Jack.

      “I found a deck of cards,” she said as she took the bottle over and poured him another drink. “Why don’t we play a hand or two of poker?”

      His gaze swung toward her.

      “I know you’re used to winning,” she said, “but you’ve never played me. I’ll try not to embarrass you though.”

      Jack couldn’t resist a challenge. “What are the stakes?” he asked, and her heart soared. She’d intrigued him enough to shake him from his brooding.

      “If I win, you take me to some awful touristy thing that I’d love, but you hate.”

      He almost grinned, she was certain. “And if I win?”

      Cara shrugged. “We go somewhere you want instead.”

      “Doesn’t sound like much incentive,” he said, taking a sip of the champagne.

      His eyes narrowed, his gaze slipping over her body. Any second and he would know the effect he was having on her.

      “I have a better idea,” he said as his eyes met hers again.

      “What’s that?”

      “We play for the clothes on our backs. Or we don’t play at all.”

       BAD BLOOD

       A powerful dynasty, where secrets and scandal never sleep!

      THE DYNASTY Eight siblings, blessed with wealth, but denied the one thing they wanted—a father’s love.

      A family destroyed by one man’s thirst for power.

      THE SECRETS Haunted by their past and driven to succeed, the Wolfes scattered to the far corners of the globe.

      But secrets never sleep and scandal is starting to stir …

      THE POWER Now the Wolfe brothers are back, stronger than ever, but hiding hearts as hard as granite.

      It’s said that even the blackest of souls can be healed by the purest of love…

       But can the dynasty rise again?


      LYNN RAYE HARRIS read her first Mills & Boon® romance when her grandmother carted home a box from a yard sale. She didn’t know she wanted to be a writer then, but she definitely knew she wanted to marry a sheikh or a prince and live the glamorous life she read about in the pages. Instead she married a military man, and moved around the world. These days she makes her home in North Alabama, with her handsome husband and two crazy cats. Writing for Harlequin is a dream come true. You can visit her at

       BAD BLOOD

       Heartless Rebel

      Lynn Raye Harris

      MILLS & BOON

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      Many thanks to Sarah, Caitlin, Abby, Robyn,

       Janette, Jennie, and Kate for making this project

       so much fun to work on! The only thing that

       could have made it more fun was if we’d had a

       writers’ retreat somewhere tropical while

       we worked. Maybe next time…


      CARA TAYLOR wiped sweaty hands against the tight satin of her skirt, hoping she didn’t leave an imprint. Tonight was the night. The biggest night of her career as a croupier thus far, and she’d just been dealt a blow she wasn’t sure she could recover from.

      Bobby wanted her to throw the game. Cara took a deep breath to steady herself. She could do this. She had to do this. The men who would arrive at her table in just a few minutes were some of the wealthiest, most daring men in the world. In many ways, though they made her job possible, she loathed them. They were accustomed to waging millions of dollars on one turn of the cards, and just as accustomed to losing as they were winning. This was child’s play for them.

      Did it matter if she was the instrument of their losses tonight? Not one of them would go home poor. Not one of them understood what it was like to lose everything they had, to fight and struggle for survival on a daily basis.

      Cara knew. She’d been fighting to save her family since Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans over five years ago and devastated their home. And not only their home; Katrina had also blown away the diaphanous veil obscuring her father’s dark secrets. With her father’s betrayal and her mother’s subsequent breakdown, it had been Cara’s responsibility as the oldest to make sure her family was safe and well. It had taken a long time and a lot of work—not to mention putting her own dreams on hold—but she’d gotten them back on their feet.

      Tonight, she finally had a chance to put financial worries behind them for good. She would set Mama up with enough money to make sure the house was paid for and the exorbitant insurance premiums covered. Since the hurricane, insurance companies had raised their rates through the roof. And Mama didn’t want to move farther inland.

      Though it often frustrated Cara, she also understood it in a perverse way: New Orleans was home. Mama had been born and raised there, and she couldn’t leave it. Nor, it seemed, could Cara’s sister, Evie. She chewed the inside of her lip. If not for Evie staying home to help Mama and their little brother, Remy, Cara wouldn’t be here. And since she was here, she owed it to them all to do everything she could to secure their future.

      After tonight, Remy would continue to have the specialized care he needed, which was the most important consideration of all. The bonus Bobby had promised her when she’d agreed to come to Nice for the opening of his new casino would finally enable her to achieve all the goals she’d had when she’d left home.

      But first she had to throw this game.

      “You understand what you have to do,” an oily voice said from behind her.

      Cara turned smoothly, hoping her distress didn’t show on her face. “Of course.”

      Bobby Gold winked as he tapped her on the ass. Cara did her best not to flinch. She’d never liked Bobby, but he was the king of the casinos in Vegas—and abroad, as this new multi-billion-dollar facility located in an old French palace in the center of Nice proved.

      When she’d begun working as a croupier, it had been for one of Bobby’s rivals. It hadn’t taken long for Bobby to find her and offer her a job. She’d refused at first—but money, and her desperate need for it, had eventually won out. And, other than the occasional leering pass from the man, she’d had no reason to regret her decision.


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