The Italian's One-Night Baby. Lynne Graham

The Italian's One-Night Baby - Lynne Graham

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      With this ring...

      Beautiful doctor Ellie Dixon once rejected Rio Benedetti’s passionate advances—and the fiery Italian hasn’t forgotten the insult! Ellie arrives in Italy bearing an antique sapphire ring and claiming to be the daughter of Rio’s godfather, which reawakens his rage...and a devastating longing!

      I thee claim!

      Rio won’t stop until he uncovers Ellie’s captivating curves—her heated surrender can’t come quickly enough! Facing the consequences of their abandon, Rio realizes Ellie’s pregnancy will break his godfather’s heart. There’s one solution: Rio will have to seduce her all the way to the altar...

      ‘Don’t look at me like that when it’s a lie,’ Rio urged with staggering abruptness, fiery sparks illuminating his stunning eyes to smouldering gold.

      The sudden apparent change of subject disconcerted Ellie. ‘What’s a lie?’

      ‘You looking at me with dislike when you would really much prefer to rip my clothes off me!’ Rio contended, without an ounce of doubt in his dark, deep drawl. ‘I don’t do pretences, Principessa.’

      Ellie stared back at him in genuine fascination. ‘Oh, my word, Rio—how did you get through the door with an ego that big?’

      ‘I hate the way you beat around the bush,’ Rio told her, lounging back against the bedroom door, his sudden slumbrous relaxation screaming sex and the kind of bad-boy attitude that set Ellie on fire with fury. ‘I was talking about us having angry sex.’

      Ellie reddened again, her green eyes luminous with disbelief. ‘You did not just say that to me!’

      Rio laughed with unholy amusement. ‘I did. Why wrap it up like a dirty secret? We may not like each other but, per meraviglia, with the chemistry we’ve got we would set the bed on fire.’

       Brides for the Taking

      With this ring...

      At their mother’s deathbed Polly and Ellie Dixon are given a name, a ring and the news of a half-sister they’ve never met!

      The search for their heritage leads these three sisters into the paths of three incredible alpha males…and it’s not long before they’re walking down the aisle!

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      The Italian’s One-Night Baby

      Lynne Graham

      LYNNE GRAHAM was born in Northern Ireland and has been a keen romance reader since her teens. She is very happily married to an understanding husband, who has learned to cook since she started to write! Her five children keep her on her toes. She has a very large dog who knocks everything over, a very small terrier who barks a lot, and two cats. When time allows, Lynne is a keen gardener.

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