Passion. Lynne Graham

Passion - Lynne Graham

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      Garek usually detested the symphony.

      But seated next to him in the darkened theater, Ellie seemed very small, the top of her head barely reaching his chin. She appeared as fragile and breakable as the strings of the violins being played on stage.

      The evening wasn’t turning out the way he’d expected. When he’d picked her up earlier, he’d been stunned by her appearance. From the top of her carefully arranged curls to the beaded silver sheath that hugged her curves, she looked utterly gorgeous.

      And he’d told her so. But to his annoyance, his voice was husky, like a teenager’s on his first date.

      The light from the stage illuminated her expression, and he watched as her eyes glistened and her lips trembled. The notes and chords, meaningless to him, obviously enthralled her in some way that he couldn't begin to fathom.

      But he wished her fascination would be aimed at him….

      Dear Reader,

      What does romance mean to you? Sure, it could be sharing a candlelit dinner or strolling hand in hand on a spring day. But to me it’s even the smallest of gestures that tells you the person you think hangs the sun and the moon finds you equally unforgettable. As a lifelong romantic who met her future husband nearly twenty years ago, I’m delighted to be heading up Silhouette Romance. These books remind me that no matter what challenges the day has held, finding true love is one of life’s greatest rewards.

      Bestselling author Judy Christenberry kicks off another great month with Finding a Family (SR #1762). In this sweet romance, a down-to-earth cowboy goes “shopping” for the perfect woman for his father but instead finds himself the target of Cupid’s arrow! Watch the sparks fly in Melissa McClone’s Blueprint for a Wedding (SR #1763) when a man who has crafted the perfect blueprint for domestic bliss finds himself attracted to an actress who doesn’t believe in happy endings. This month’s “Cinderella” is a feisty Latina, as Angie Ray continues Silhouette Romance’s commitment to offering modern-day fairy tales in The Millionaire’s Reward (SR #1764). Part of the SOULMATES series, Moonlight Magic (SR #1765) by Doris Rangel features a vacationing nurse who falls for a handsome stranger with a particularly vexing habit of vanishing into thin air.

      And be sure to stay tuned for next month’s exciting lineup when reader favorites Raye Morgan and Carol Grace return with two classic romances.

      Ann Leslie Tuttle

      Associate Senior Editor

      The Millionaire’s Reward

      Angie Ray

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      You’re Marrying Her? #1675

      The Millionaire’s Reward #1764


      A RITA® Award-winning author for her first novel, Angie Ray has written historical and paranormal novels, but this is her first category romance. The mind of this native Southern Californian is buzzing with ideas for stories, and she loves brainstorming while taking walks. Her husband and two children also provide plenty of distraction, but sooner or later she’s always drawn back to her computer for “just one more scene”—which invariably leads to another book!


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      Chapter One

      The necklace was the gaudiest, ugliest piece of jewelry Garek Wisnewski had ever seen.

      Rubies and emeralds vied for glittering supremacy in a bright yellow-gold setting decorated with enough curlicues and whorls to make a Russian czar blink. Any woman wearing this necklace risked blinding innocent bystanders—or being mistaken for a Christmas tree. This bauble had nothing to do with beauty or elegance—it was about money, pure and simple.

      “It’s perfect,” he told the chignoned blonde behind the counter who’d been batting her eyelashes at him ever since he entered the store. “I’ll take it.”

      “An excellent choice,” she congratulated him. “You have exquisite taste, Mr. Wisnewski.”

      “Thank you.”

      The young woman didn’t appear to notice the irony in his voice. Placing the necklace in a satin-lined case and ringing up the sale, she chatted vivaciously.“ Women adore rubies and emeralds. They’re so much more interesting than diamonds, don’t you think? I’m sure your girlfriend will love the necklace.”

      She paused to check his reaction to her comment, and he recognized the look in her eyes.

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