Keeping Christmas. Marisa Carroll

Keeping Christmas - Marisa Carroll

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      “Some days I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven,” she said quietly

      Beau softened as his eyes met hers. “This is a far cry from heaven, Maggie. The trouble with you is that you’ve never lived anyplace where folks liked each other, and tried to make life enjoyable.”

      “I just know that livin’ here is like being in a dream. I thank you for bein’ kind to me, and for doin’ all you do.” Emotion welled within her and words spurted forth. “I just feel like huggin’ you,” she blurted. And that was probably enough to scare him off if anything ever would, she thought.

      “You can if you want to,” he said, his grin wide. “I’d really like to kiss you, if you wouldn’t mind.”

      “You want to kiss me?” she asked incredulously. And then she laughed aloud. “Nobody ever kissed me in my life…!”

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      The Sea Nymph by bestselling author Ruth Langan marks the second book in the SIRENS OF THE SEA series. Here, a proper English lady, who is secretly a privateer, falls in love with a highwayman—only to learn he is really an earl and the richest man in Cornwall! And don’t miss Bride on the Run, an awesome new Western by Elizabeth Lane. True to the title, a woman fleeing from crooked lawmen becomes the mail-order bride of a sexy widower with two kids.

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      Maggie’s Beau

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      Maggie’s Beau #543

      I have been blessed in many ways. I have a wonderful husband, a flock of terrific children and grandchildren, and a writing career that has fulfilled my wildest dreams. Add to that an agent who understands me and gives me absolute support, and the picture is almost complete. Except for one item.

      Every published writer has an editor. Margaret O’Neill Marbury is mine. She takes my phone calls, listens to my story ideas, encourages me on my bad days and then edits my final drafts with tender loving care. For the past seven years she and I have cooperated in a partnership that has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I can only hope we survive many more such ventures as this one.

      Maggie’s Beau is Margaret’s book, dedicated to her with all the appreciation this writer’s heart can hold.

      And to the man who holds my hand throughout the whole process of writing my stories, meeting my deadlines and keeping my life on an even keel, I give my thanks. I love you, Mr. Ed.


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      Chapter One

      She was the most pathetic creature he’d ever seen. Perhaps if she were clean…. Beau Jackson shook his head. Even a bath wouldn’t do much for the bitch.

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