The London Deception. Addison Fox

The London Deception - Addison  Fox

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      The House of Steele works for the good guys—but sometimes it’s hard to tell heroes from villains…

      The beautiful former thief had never met a lock she couldn’t pick. Although Rowan Steele is now legit, she handles some of the family’s most dangerous assignments. When she agrees to safeguard an ancient treasure, her heart—as well as her life—may be the price.

      His outlaw days roaming the streets of London are behind him. Now Finn Gallagher’s expert eyes authenticate the treasures he used to steal. When a major antiquities cache is threatened, he recruits Rowan to join him. Together, he figures, they can keep anything safe. Until an old enemy raises the stakes…

      “Let’s get out of here.”

      Finn was rarely taken off guard, so the obvious invitation in Rowan’s words caught him up short. “Where do you want to go?”

      “Have you ever been to the British Museum after-hours?”

      He had, in fact, been there on more than one occasion, but he wasn’t about to tell her that. “Now, what would a nice girl like you be wanting in a place like that?”

      “What happened to that adventurous spirit, Finn?” Rowan moved in, the light scent of her wrapping around his senses as the heat of her body assailed him through his suit. “You know, the one that had you making those idiotic jumps off your office building?”

      “And the guards with guns?”

      She waved a hand. “Easy.”

      “What are we waiting for, then?” Finn held out a hand, barely suppressing the urge to wrap her in his arms. “Lead the way.”

      House of Steele: Elite investigators taking on the most difficult assignments all over the world.

      Dear Reader,

      Welcome back to the world of the Steele siblings. Liam, Campbell, Kensington and Rowan formed the high-end security firm—the House of Steele—to cater to a wealthy clientele the world over. Each has a unique skill set used to get the job done for their elite, exclusive clients.

      In The London Deception, the youngest Steele, Rowan, is forced to confront her past in the form of sexy Finn Gallagher. Now a modern-day female Indiana Jones, Rowan trots the globe, rescuing antiquities.

      Finn needs Rowan’s help. He’s authenticating a major find in Egypt’s Valley of the Queens and needs her expertise. What neither of them anticipates is to be revisited by an enemy more dangerous than either ever suspected.

      I had so much fun writing The London Deception. I’ve always had a fascination with ancient Egypt and I hope you’ll forgive me some artistic license as I played with the history of Ramesses II and his wife Nefertari. While they are real, I’ve taken liberties with their sculptures and burial chambers for the sake of the story.

      I absolutely loved writing this book and the very real challenge of taking two damaged souls and redeeming them through the power of love. Love of family, love of a significant other and, maybe most important of all, love of self.


      Addison Fox

      The London Deception

      Addison Fox


      is a Philadelphia girl transplanted to Dallas, Texas. Although her similarities to Grace Kelly stop at sharing the same place of birth, she’s often dreamed of marrying a prince and living along the Mediterranean.

      In the meantime, she’s more than happy penning romance novels about two strong-willed and exciting people who deserve their happy ever after—after she makes them work so hard for it, of course. When she’s not writing, she can be found spending time with family and friends, reading or enjoying a glass of wine.

      Find out more about Addison or contact her at her website——or catch up with her on Facebook (addisonfoxauthor) and Twitter (@addisonfox).

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      Chapter 1

      Twelve years ago—London


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