Armed and Famous. Jennifer Morey

Armed and Famous - Jennifer Morey

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      The guy next door turns into the sultry bodyguard in Jennifer Morey’s Ivy Avengers miniseries

      Experience has taught bounty hunter Lincoln Ivy when someone is in trouble. He’s fairly sure the gorgeous redhead next door has a dangerous secret. And the moment she’s visited by a mysterious gunman threatening her life, Lincoln’s suspicions are confirmed.

      When Remy Lang is almost kidnapped and Lincoln comes to her rescue, she’s reluctant to let him help her. She’s gotten herself into a terrifying situation and doesn’t want to risk another person. But as Lincoln proves himself time and time again as a skilled protector, she can’t push him away…or the attraction building between them.

      She stiffened, signaling he’d reached a point where she’d stop talking. He was okay with that. He had enough to go on for now. Another determination took over.

      Pressing his body to hers, he slid his hand to the back of her neck so that he could satisfy an intensifying curiosity about how her mouth would feel against his. When her hands glided up his arms to his shoulders, he deepened the caress. Full. Warm. She fit him well. They kissed well together. He touched her tongue with his. Only their tongues were in contact for a brief moment, and then he kissed her fully again.

      She made a sound that sent him into an eddy of fevered passion. The strength of it sent caution scattering.

      Dear Reader,

      The Ivy Avengers miniseries is a new concept for me, and an interesting change from the All McQueen’s Men miniseries, which features heroes or heroines working secret military ops. Quite a difference!

      Here in book two of Ivy Avengers, Lincoln Ivy becomes embroiled in his neighbor’s trouble. He’s a steady, fairly ordinary guy who’s capable of protecting her in a subtly tough kind of way. Other than the plot, one of the best parts about writing this story was bringing these two characters together and making them confront the emotional trials of their pasts. Another great part about writing this story was Maddie, the dog. Maddie is likened after my yellow lab, who I lost to cancer in 2012.

      Enjoy this suspenseful and romantic ride. May it be all you expect and more.

      Only my best,

      Jennifer Morey

      Armed and Famous

      Jennifer Morey


      Two-time 2009 RITA® Award nominee and a Golden Quill winner for Best First Book for The Secret Soldier, Jennifer Morey writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Project manager par jour, she works for the space systems segment of a satellite imagery and information company. She lives in sunny Denver, Colorado. She can be reached through her website,, and on Facebook.

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      For Maddie.


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      Chapter 1

      Soft clawing on the back patio door made Lincoln Ivy put the steaming pan of cheesy chicken casserole down. Turning from the stove, he saw Madeline’s paw lift for another series of attention-getting noises. Tap, tap, tap. Toy hamburger in mouth, tail wagging, nose smudging the glass and breath fogging the early-autumn air, her sweet brown eyes zeroed in on him with unabashed excitement. Chuckling, Lincoln walked to the door. She was a beautiful Labrador retriever. Show quality.

      “Hey, there, girl,” he said in greeting after he opened the door. The dog began squeaking her toy and bounding all around him. She squeaked a tune using her jaws, her eyes playful and looking up at him.

      He got in a pat on her head before she trotted over to the pantry and sat, her white tail thumping the floor, whites of her eyes flashing in an upturned plea and cheeks wrinkled around the burger.

      “Yeah, you’re adorable.” He went to her and got a biscuit from the pantry.

      Madeline dropped the stuffed burger and chomped for the treat.

      “Be nice,” he admonished. “Don’t be such a pig.”

      The tip of her tail wiggled faster.

      “Nice.” He slowly brought the treat closer.

      Madeline’s eyes blinked as though communicating her deep gratitude as she gently took the biscuit. Then she hungrily crunched away. It was devoured in seconds.

      The gate next door was broken, and Madeline could open the latch on his. Over the past couple months, her visits had been sporadic. But this past week they had become an everyday occurrence. She wasn’t his dog. She belonged to the mean lady next door.


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