Warrior of Ice. Michelle Willingham

Warrior of Ice - Michelle Willingham

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       Fighting for honour and for love

      In this powerful new duet by Michelle Willingham step back in time to medieval Ireland, where proud men were willing to die for honour and for the ones they loved—although not without a fight!

      Fans of The MacEgan Brothers mini-series will meet some familiar faces along the way, but prepare to have your hearts captured by two new fierce warriors!

      Meet Killian MacDubh in

      Warrior of Ice available now

      and look for

      Warrior of Fire coming soon


      Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favourite fairytales. In Warrior of Ice I wanted to twist the tale by having a hero with a handsome face but the tormented soul of a beast and the heroine a scarred face but the heart of a beauty.

      I was also very inspired by the character of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones in this story, and I wanted to write a tale where the bastard hero becomes the king he was meant to be. I hope you’ll enjoy the love story of Killian and Taryn as they learn to look beyond appearances. Also look for the sequel to this book, Warrior of Fire, which tells the story of Carice Faoilin, Killian’s ‘adopted’ sister.

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      Warrior of Ice

      Michelle Willingham


      RITA® Award finalist MICHELLE WILLINGHAM has written over twenty historical romances, novellas and short stories. Currently she lives in south-eastern Virginia with her husband and children. When she’s not writing Michelle enjoys reading, baking and avoiding exercise at all costs.

      Visit her website at: michellewillingham.com

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       Chapter One


      His sister was going to die.

      Killian MacDubh could see it, even if everyone around him was in denial. Though Carice was still the most beautiful woman in Éireann, her body was fragile. She left her bed rarely, and when she did, she often had to be carried back. Her illness had struck hard, several years ago, and she’d wasted away ever since. This evening, she had sent word that she needed to speak with him, but he did not know why.

      Outside, the rain pounded against the mud, but another storm brewed inside Killian. There was a restless anticipation within him, as if an invisible threat hung over all of them. He couldn’t place it, but all day, he’d been pacing.

      His tunic and leggings were soaked through, and he stood at the back of the Great Chamber. The moment he stepped inside, Brian Faoilin’s face was grim with distaste, as if a stray dog had wandered into his house. The chieftain loathed the very air Killian breathed. Though he’d allowed Iona to keep the bastard son she’d brought with her, Brian had forced both of them to live among the fuidir. All his life, Killian had slept among the dogs and dined upon scraps from the table.

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