Losing Control. Robyn Grady

Losing Control - Robyn Grady

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       “Maybe we shouldn’t worry about words.”

      He felt her quiver, almost heard her questioning her own resolve. But she didn’t bawl him out. Didn’t move away.

      Rather, still looking ahead, she lifted her chin and said, “I think we should go back.”

      “Anything you want.” His lips brushed a line up to her lobe. Anything at all.

      Gently he turned her head until they were gazing into each other’s eyes, noses touching. She quivered, but not from the cold.

      “Would it surprise you to know,” he said, “that I’ve always wanted to make love on a beach under a full moon with a batch of turtles ready to hatch?”

      A smile touched her eyes. “What a coincidence.”

      He twirled his nose around hers, stole a featherlight kiss from one side of her mouth.

      “Cole, when I said something might happen, I didn’t mean this.”

      His hand on her arm, he brought her closer.

      “I did.”

      Dear Reader,

      When my editor asked if I’d like to submit for my very own series, I jumped at the chance! I love linked books and knew precisely what the stories should offer.

      Foremost passion and unforgettable characters. Then a fast-paced plot along with a good dollop of drama—the kind of intensity that revolves around dark secrets, big family and glamorous settings.

      Roll that all together and you have THE HUNTER PACT, a series based upon a billion dollar media conglomerate, Hunter Enterprises, and the warring siblings who run it. This first installment—Losing Control—is eldest brother Cole’s story.

      The word leader was created for Cole Hunter, along with tags like loner, workaholic, defender and even misunderstood. When a sassy nothing-new-to-offer producer is employed without Cole’s knowledge, he chooses responsibility over instant attraction. There’s enough on his plate, including tracking down his father’s would-be assassin.

      But Taryn Quinn knows what she wants and won’t quit till she gets it. Much depends on her success in launching her project with Hunter’s. She’s prepared to do anything to achieve her goal … and I do mean anything.

      I hope you enjoy Losing Control!


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      About the Author

      ROBYN GRADY was first published with Mills & Boon in 2007. Her books have since featured regularly on bestseller lists and at award ceremonies, including a National Readers’ Choice Award, a Booksellers’ Best Award, CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Award and Australia’s prestigious Romantic Book of the Year Award.

      Robyn lives on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast with her real-life hero husband and three daughters. When she can be dragged away from tapping out her next story, Robyn visits the theater, the beach and the mall (a lot!). To keep fit, she jogs (and shops) and dances with her youngest to Hannah Montana.

      Robyn believes writing romance is the best job on the planet and she loves to hear from her readers. So drop by www.robyngrady.com and pass on your thoughts!

      Losing Control

      Robyn Grady


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      This book is dedicated to the friends I made during my own days working in the media. Never a dull moment!

      With thanks to my editor, Shana Smith, for her

      support and work on this book and

      THE HUNTER PACT series.


      Eyes shot up and all conversation ceased as Cole Hunter burst in and let loose a growl. Cole wouldn’t apologize. He abhorred being kept in the dark, particularly when the deception concerned the man he respected most in the world.

      Once, Cole’s father had been a corporate powerhouse, a leader to be admired and, frequently, feared. More recently, however, Guthrie Hunter had softened. The responsibility of running Hunter Enterprises had fallen largely upon Cole’s shoulders. The eldest of four, he was the person family leaned upon in a crisis, whether the drama unfolded here in Sydney or at one of the other Hunter offices located in Los Angeles and New York City.

      Cole didn’t want to think about that ongoing drama in Seattle.

      His father’s personal receptionist flew to her feet. With a look, Cole set her back in her seat then strode toward colossal doors that displayed the flourishing Hunter Enterprises emblem. How the hell could he keep things well oiled and on track if he wasn’t informed? Dammit, he couldn’t fix what he didn’t know.

      Cole broke through the doors. Turning to close them again, his gaze brushed over the three openmouthed guests waiting in the reception area, one being a woman with wide summer-blue eyes and flaxen hair that fell like tumbles of silk on either side of her curious face. His raging pulse skipped several beats before thumping back to life. Work in television production meant beautiful ladies day in and day out, but true star quality was one in a million and this woman had it in spades. She must be auditioning for a show, Cole surmised. A special project if Guthrie Hunter planned to conduct the interview himself.

      Something else he knew zip about.

      His jaw tight, Cole slammed the doors shut. Swinging around, he faced the polished hardwood desk, which had prefaced that wall of glittering awards for as long as Cole could remember. Unperturbed, a silver-haired man sat in a high-backed leather chair, receiver pressed to an ear. Cole’s sources said three hours had passed since a second attempt had been made on his father’s life. Guthrie had probably wondered what had kept his firstborn so long.

      Stopping dead center of the enormous office suite, Cole set his fists on his hips. Despite broiling frustration, he kept his tone low and clear.

      “Whoever’s responsible won’t see light outside of a prison cell before both poles have melted.” When his throat uncharacteristically thickened, Cole’s hands fell to his sides. “For God’s sake, Dad, shots were fired. This guy’s not about to stop.”

      Guthrie muttered a few parting words into the mouthpiece then set the receiver in its cradle. Surveying his son, he tipped his clean-shaven chin a notch higher.

      “I have this under control.”

      “Like you had it under control a month ago when your car was run off the road?”

      “The authorities

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