How Science Can Help Us Live In Peace. Markolf H. Niemz

How Science Can Help Us Live In Peace

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Автор произведения: Markolf H. Niemz


Жанр: Философия

Издательство: Ingram

isbn: 9781627342483

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Award-winning biophysicist Markolf H. Niemz puts into a nutshell what the top 3 scientists on earth have discovered. Charles Darwin: Animal and man are not two. Albert Einstein: Space and time are not two. Alfred N. Whitehead: The world and I are not two. The world we live in is non-dualistic. Nature is crying for peace, but we shut off foreign from native, poor from rich, others from ourselves. It is our concept of the self that stands in the way of peace. Based on Darwin's, Einstein's and Whitehead's scientific discoveries the author demonstrates how easily we mistake reality. There is neither a personal self nor an external, almighty God. Eternity, which most religious people hope for, does not begin at death. It is here and now—at the speed of light when all distances turn zero.°This book has the power to foster empathy among mankind as it brings together science and religion—human sources of truth. In the clearest of terms and examples possible, this bestselling author teaches us that a single cosmic self feels and learns through us. Lucid texts and colorful images help us understand why our concept of the self is false, how to interpret eternity, and where to spot God. An enlightening journey for anyone from age 16 to 100 who is thrilled to learn.