The Steel Girls. Michelle Rawlins

The Steel Girls

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Автор произведения: Michelle Rawlins


Жанр: Сказки

Издательство: HarperCollins

isbn: 9780008427283

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When war breaks out, friendship will see them through Sheffield, 1939, and the women go to the steelworks to do their bit for the war effort.Housewife Nancy never dreamed she would go to work in the steelworks factory. But when war is declared, husband Bert is called up to serve and she’s conscripted to go to Vickers to make parts for Spitfires and bomb castings.For Betty, it’s a world away from her previous job as a legal secretary and her ambitions to study law at night school. And war means being separated from her sweetheart William who’s called up from the Reserves to join the RAF.Eighteen-year-old Patty is relishing the excitement the war brings. But this shop-girl is going to have to grow up quickly, especially now she’s undertaking such back-breaking and dangerous work in the factory.The Steel Girls start off as strangers but quickly forge an unbreakable bond of friendship as these feisty factory sisters vow to keep the foundry fires burning during wartime.