Voices of the Food Revolution. John Robbins

Voices of the Food Revolution - John  Robbins

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      Robbins, John.

      Voices of the food revolution : you can heal your body and your world—with food! / John Robbins and Ocean Robbins.

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      Summary: “Join John and Ocean Robbins for 21 intimate, game-changing conversations with some of the world's leading “food revolutionaries”: scientists, doctors, teachers, farmers, economists, activists, and nutritionists working on food issues today”—Provided by publisher.

      ISBN 978-1-57324-624-8 (pbk.)

      1. Diet in disease. 2. Diet therapy. 3. Nutrition. I. Robbins, Ocean, 1973- II. Title.

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      Dedicated to the day, hopefully soon, when no child, anywhere on earth, lacks healthy food or abundant love.

      This book is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. If you have any specific concerns about your health or nutrition, please consult a qualified health-care professional.




       Part I: What Is the Optimal Diet for Human Beings?

       1. Dean Ornish, MD: Simple and Proven Breakthroughs That Are Changing The World

       2. Caldwell Esselstyn, MD: You Can Prevent and Cure Heart Disease. Period

       3. Neal Barnard, MD: Eating to Thrive

       4. Dr. T. Colin Campbell: Is Animal Protein Good for You?

       5. Joel Fuhrman, MD: Specific Steps to Excellent Health

       Steps You Can Take: Nutritious, Delicious, and Affordable

       Resources for Health and Nutrition

       Part II: GMOs: How Dangerous Are They?

       6. Jeffrey Smith: Take Genetically Engineered Foods Out of Your Diet—Immediately!

       7. Dr. Vandana Shiva: How to Stop Big Ag

       Steps You Can Take: Protecting Your Family from GMOs

       GMO Empowerment Resources

       Part III: Eating as if the Earth Mattered (Which It Most Certainly Does!)

       8. Bill McKibben: The Greatest Threat to the Survival of Civilization as We Know It

       9. Ronnie Cummins: Truth about Organic Foods

       Steps You Can Take: Food for a Healthy Planet

       Resources for Sustainable Food

       Part IV: Humane Food for a Compassionate World

       10. Gene Baur: Changing Hearts and Minds about Animals and Food

       11. Nicolette Hahn Niman: Eating Right and Righteously

       12. Rory Freedman: How to Stop Eating Misery and Start Looking Fabulous

       Steps You Can Take: Action for Humane Food

       Resources for Ethical Action

       Part V: The Politics of Dinner—Food Policy for Healthy People

       13. Dr. Raj Patel: Global Hunger, Global Hope

       14. Michele Simon: How the Food Industry Undermines Your Health and How to Fight Back

       15. Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich: Bringing Sanity to Public Food Policy

       16. Morgan Spurlock: Super Size Me

       17. Nikki Henderson: Food Access in Historically Underinvested Communities


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