Diamond Dreams. Zuri Day

Diamond Dreams - Zuri  Day

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      A dazzling dynasty

      As the only daughter of Southern California’s most famous wine dynasty, Diamond Drake devotes all her waking hours to the family business. Burned by love, she’s not sure she ever wants to fall in love again. But construction millionaire Jackson Wright is sweeping her up in a whirlwind romance. Is he the real thing? Or will the sinfully sexy bachelor prove to be all flash and no substance?

      A love that’s her true destiny....

      From the moment he sees her, Jackson is dazzled by the stunning, sultry Diamond. He knows it’s dangerous to mix business with pleasure. If only Diamond will say yes to a future glittering with their passion and love....

      The sax sizzled from the speakers, wrapping them in a sensual cocoon, a world of their own

      It was as if time stopped, along with Diamond’s rational thinking. Because for the life of her, she couldn’t think of anything more logical to do than to kiss those lips, to crush the nipples that were even now hardening at the mere thought of being touched against Jackson’s hard chest.

      She took a step.

      Jackson’s eyes narrowed as he watched her come closer. He looked at her lips, slightly parted with desire. Wanting him was written all over her face. His message was being proclaimed from an area decidedly lower, by a rapidly increasing bulge in the front of his jeans.

      He took a step.

      They now stood just inches apart, neither moving, barely breathing. At the risk of having to fire himself for insubordination, Jackson reached out and ran a finger along Diamond’s jawline. His touch was more electric than the guitar that now accompanied the sax. She licked her lips and suppressed a shiver. He watched, wondering how they tasted, those lips, wanting to know how she tasted. Her eyes flickered shut, and then back open, even as her head tilted seemingly of its own accord. To hell with stalking ex-coworkers and iron-clad declarations. He would be a rule-breaker. Thoughts of consequences could come later. Right now all he wanted were her lips. On his. Now! He bent his head down. One more step and the kiss would begin. Just one more step....

      Diamond Dreams

      Zuri Day

      Dear Reader,

      I am thrilled to introduce you to the Drakes of California!

      When hearing the words wine country, most of us think of Napa Valley. So did I, until visiting Southern California’s vineyards, a beautiful community surrounded by mountains, nestled midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. This picturesque setting (and a few glasses of wine) served to inspire this story about a dynasty using land that has been in the family for almost one hundred years! The Drake Vineyard is approximately sixty miles north of the first California grapes planted at Mission San Diego in 1769.

      I love writing about strong women. Diamond Drake is all that and a glass of high-priced brut! She’s used to being in control, which is why her irrepressible attraction to Jackson Wright is so exasperating. But we all know what happens when iron sharpens iron…sparks fly!

      So, pour a glass of something delicious…and enjoy!

      Zuri Day

      To the wine country of Temecula, and especially winemaker David Vergari and media director Linda Kissam of Thornton Winery. The private tour and detail-laden interview were great, the wine…even better! And to my editor, Glenda Howard, who helped make this novel such a pleasure to write. La’Chaim!

      To all the readers, far and near,

      I raise my glass and toast with cheer!

      May your dreams come true, your smile remain,

      and your life be as bubbly as a fine champagne!


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