Imminent Affair. Sheri WhiteFeather

Imminent Affair - Sheri WhiteFeather

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he’s a licensed P.I., too.”

      She could only imagine how invasive for Daniel that was going to be. “What about Glynis?”

      He squinted. “Who?”

      “Glynis Mitchell. She’s a former lover of yours, and a bit of an enemy of mine. She’s never done anything threatening, but she disliked me from the start.”

      Daniel cocked his head. “Because of me?”

      “Because of my mother. A lot of people dislike me for being related to Yvonne Whirlwind.” A connection that made Allie sick, too. “Still, I should probably tell Bell about Glynis.”

      “Yes, you definitely should.” He angled his head again. “Why didn’t you ever mention her to me before?”

      Allie shrugged, trying to seem more unaffected than she was. She didn’t like thinking about Daniel with other women. “Glynis didn’t seem to matter until now.”

      “After you talk to Bell, you need to pack your bags,” he said, reminding her that he wasn’t taking no for an answer. She was going home with him, whether she wanted to or not.

      While Allie settled into a guest room at his house, Daniel waited for her to join him in the kitchen for dinner. He wasn’t much of a cook, and since Allie was a vegetarian, he tossed a simple green salad and proceeded to grill a couple of cheese sandwiches. He put on a pot of herbal tea, too. Allie liked hot tea.

      Samantha purred at his feet and he reached down to pet her, but the cat wouldn’t be staying for very long. Tomorrow, she would be going to a boarding facility. Allie was worried that Sam might become the target of the vandal’s next threat, and Daniel agreed that it was a valid concern.

      He petted Sam again, thinking how pretty she was, much like her mistress. Allie was a bit of cat herself. Long, lean and feline.

      Damn, Daniel thought. Damn.

      Allie stirred a blood-burning hunger he was desperately trying to suppress. Being friends with a woman that you wanted to strip naked wasn’t a good thing.

      To make matters worse, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten laid, and he meant that literally. He’d been celibate since the post-surgical coma that had wiped out most of his memory.

      She entered the kitchen, and his pulse quickened. She looked so soft, so beautiful, so vulnerable, he battled his emotions. Beyond the attraction was an overwhelming desire to keep her safe.

      The scene at her loft had knotted his gut. If it went further, if someone tried to harm her…

      “I think it’s done,” she said.

      He gave her a blank stare. Or maybe it wasn’t so blank. At the moment, he’d become fixated on her waist-length hair, on the way it framed her face and wrapped her in flowing lines. “I’m sorry. What?”

      “That sandwich. You’re killing it.”

      He glanced down at the pan. He was squishing the grilled bread with a spatula, making cheese leak out the sides. He scooped it up and put it on a plate, then realized how unattractive the presentation was. Trying to pretty it up, he reached for shiny red apple from a basket on the counter and placed it beside the sandwich. He’d already put the salad on the table.

      Once both plates were fixed, he and Allie sat down to eat. She didn’t seem to mind his lousy cooking. Either that or she was too hungry to care. The tea seemed to help, too. She sweetened it with honey and sipped generously.

      “Tell me more about Glynis,” he said. It was odd to ask one woman about another, but what else could he do? He had no recollection of his former lover. His doctor claimed that portions of his memory might return, but a full recovery was doubtful.

      Allie glanced up from her plate. “She owns a string of mortuaries that she inherited from her late husband. She’s always had a ‘thing’ for death.”

      Daniel made a tight face. If Glynis was the vandal, she might be capable of anything. Not only that, but why would he have slept with a woman who was intrigued by death? That didn’t bode well for his character.

      “In the eighties, she ran a Death Rock club,” Allie said.

      “The eighties?” Not only did Glynis sound odd, she was older than he’d expected. “I dated a cougar?”

      “That’s one way of putting it, I guess. But I can see why you were attracted to her. She’s quite glamorous. She resembles Bettie Page.”

      “The 1950s pinup model?” Daniel got an image of a shapely brunette wearing fetish gear. The Glynis scenario was getting weirder. He wondered what sort of relationship he’d had with her. He couldn’t begin to describe how disturbing it was not knowing intimate details about himself.

      He quit eating. The sandwich tasted like crap anyway. “I wasn’t into kinky sex, was I?”

      Caught off guard, Allie coughed on a sip of tea, and he realized how inappropriate the question was. He couldn’t backpedal, so he apologized. “I’m sorry. I wouldn’t expect you to know something like that.”

      Her cheeks turned rosy, making her look young and sweet, even if she was almost thirty.

      Daniel discarded his kinky sex concerns. He might be lusting after Allie, but he wasn’t envisioning her in a rubber corset and bondage ties. He would rather see her in a luxurious nightgown, something long and lacy.

      He wanted to reach across the table and touch her, but he resumed their conversation, returning to Glynis. “What does her fascination with death entail?”

      “When she was younger, she used to pen pal with killers on death row. After she met her husband, she learned to respect death the way he did, not wallow in the morbid side of it. Or that’s what she claimed.”

      “Do you know how I got hooked up with her?”

      “Her husband supported the Native American Graves and Repatriation Act. He helped the Warrior Society recover stolen remains and funerary objects to their rightful owners.”

      “So I knew him?”

      “Yes, and after he died, you helped Glynis get through her grief.”

      By sleeping with her? Daniel frowned. “That doesn’t make me sound very honorable.”

      “You were honorable to me.” Her gaze locked onto his, and a blast of emotion erupted between them. “You saved my life. You…” Her voice broke, making the connection between them even more sensitive.

      “I don’t remember the shooting.”

      Her voice rattled some more. “I remember for both of us.”

      “Remembering for me doesn’t count.” He wanted his own memories.

      She didn’t say anything, and when things got too uncomfortable, he cleared the table. She’d eaten all of her food, lousy as it was.

      He turned to look at her. “I think you should take some time off. Maybe call in sick, then arrange for a vacation or whatever.” He would be taking time away from his job, as well. “Tomorrow we can meet with Rex and get started on the investigation. We can pay Glynis a visit, too.”

      “She won’t like us dropping by.”

      “Too bad for her.” He wasn’t leaving any stone unturned, regardless of where it led or what it revealed about his past.

      He was going to protect Allie. Every shaky step of the way.

      Chapter 2

      Later that night Allie got ready for bed. She rummaged through her nightgowns and pajamas, contemplating what to wear. Not that it mattered. Daniel wasn’t going to see her. He’d already retired to his room.

      Still, having him so close, so heart-flutteringly near, she couldn’t resist the urge to look pretty, to

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