Forever with You. Farrah Rochon

Forever with You - Farrah Rochon

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      New life. New love?

      The tranquil bayou town of Gauthier is the perfect place for widowed single mother Leslie Kirkland to raise her two daughters. Until she’s elected president of the elementary school’s Parent-Teacher Organization. Caught in a clash between the community and progressive science-teacher-turned-assistant-principal Gabriel Franklin, Leslie vows not to take sides. But it’s hard to be objective when a sexy younger man is awakening such an irresistible desire.

      Years ago, a teacher saved Gabriel from a one-way path to destruction, and now he is dedicated to his students and the Louisiana town he calls home. But the chemistry sizzling between him and Leslie could ignite a scandal. And when the gathering firestorm threatens both their dreams, Gabe is ready to take a stand. Can he convince Leslie that it’s time to move on and make a bright future...with him?

      “Do you mind company?” Gabriel asked.

      Leslie’s eyes narrowed with suspicion.

      He put both hands up. “I swear I just want to help.”

      “Fine. You can help,” she said. “Just remember that there’s a gymnasium full of students just steps away, so no funny business.”

      “I promise,” he said, a wickedly seductive smile tipping up the corners of his lips. The moment they entered the school’s storage room, Gabriel caught her wrist and spun her around, pinning her to the door.

      “I didn’t realize you were so gullible,” he whispered against her lips.

      Leslie returned his smile. “It looks as if it worked to my advantage.”

      Amusement glittered in his eyes as he brought his chest flush against her breasts. He lowered his head and took her lips in a kiss that had every fiber of her body humming with need.

      If not for the door holding her up, Leslie would have melted into a puddle right on the floor. She pressed her body into his as he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

      The moan that climbed from her throat was drenched with want.

      “Gabriel, we need to stop,” she murmured against his lips, but it was the exact opposite of what she wanted.

      Have you ever visited a place and fallen instantly in love with it? So in love that you find yourself wanting to visit over and over again? And each time you visit you discover something new, exciting and unique that makes you want to keep coming back for more?

      Well, that’s exactly the way I feel about the fictional town of Gauthier, Louisiana. With every new book I write in my Bayou Dreams series, I find yet another thing to love about this charming town and its nosy, but well-meaning, residents.

      Readers will recognize the heroine of Forever with You, Leslie Kirkland, from Forever’s Promise. This widowed single mother definitely deserves her happily-ever-after, and I believe the young, handsome Gabriel Franklin is the perfect man to help her find it.

      I hope you enjoy this latest glimpse into the lives of the people of Gauthier.

      Happy reading,

      Farrah Rochon

      Forever with You

      Farrah Rochon

      FARRAH ROCHON had dreams of becoming a fashion designer as a teenager, until she discovered she would be expected to wear something other than jeans to work every day. Thankfully, the coffee shop where she writes does not have a dress code. When Farrah is not penning stories, the USA TODAY bestselling author and avid sports fan feeds her addiction to football by attending New Orleans Saints games.

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      For you, Mama.

      Thank you for teaching me to trust and have faith.

      Some trust in chariots and some in horses,

      but we trust in the Lord our God.

      —Psalms 20:7



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      The frenetic whir of post-Sunday-service gossip floating through the Mop & Glo–scented air of the New Hope Baptist Church hall intensified the throbbing behind Leslie Kirkland’s eyes. She slid into a cubby between the water cooler and a multitiered plant stand, her cheeks demanding a respite from the constant smiling at well-meaning church members determined to impart their gratitude for her singing at this morning’s service.

      Leslie took a sip of lukewarm fruit punch, the drink of

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