Rescued By The Forbidden Rake. Mary Brendan

Rescued By The Forbidden Rake - Mary Brendan

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      Beholden to an irresistible rogue...

      When her half sister goes missing, respectable Faye Shawcross is at her wits’ end! Convinced her impulsive younger sister has gotten herself mired in potential scandal, Faye is unsure whom to turn to for help—certainly not her upstanding fiancé.

      The last person she expects to come to her rescue is the very man she’s condemned a rogue—Ryan Kavanagh, the dishonorable and disconcertingly alluring viscount. The magnetic Irishman knows he raises Faye’s passions, however reluctantly. He can nip her impending family scandal in the bud, for a price: he wants Faye as his mistress...

      ‘I’m very sorry to turn up again and bother you, sir,’ Faye blurted as soon as the door had closed.

      ‘I made it obvious when you were last here that I like being bothered by you, Miss Shawcross.’ Slowly he straightened and turned to face her. ‘In fact, I’m hoping you’ve saved me a journey to Mulberry House to speak to you. If you’re back to tell me you feel the same way about me, I can suggest what we might do about it.’

      The irony in his voice couldn’t quite disguise the fact that he meant every word. And heaven only knew she did crave having his strong arms about her again. She knew if he bruised her mouth with his own, as he had before, his fiery passion would eradicate every worry from her head as easily as sunlight dissolved snow.

      ‘I deduce from your silence that you’re in two minds on it. Perhaps I should help you decide.’ He plunged his hands into his pockets and pinned her down with a dangerously challenging stare.

      Faye put down her untasted tea in a rattle of crockery. ‘I bid you to be serious, sir, if you will.’

      ‘I’ve never been more serious in my life,’ he returned.

      His vivid, unsmiling eyes tangled with hers before travelling over her body in a way that caused iced heat to streak through her veins.

      ‘And neither was I more serious than when I told you I will soon be married.’ Slashes of bright colour accented Faye’s cheekbones. ‘You shouldn’t have kissed me, Mr Kavanagh, and I shouldn’t have...’

      Unable to explain herself, she snatched up her hat and gloves from the sofa.

      ‘You shouldn’t have betrayed your fiancé by liking it?’ he suggested. ‘Perhaps your feelings for Mr Collins aren’t as strong as you thought they were.’

       Author Note

      In my new Regency romance, Rescued by the Forbidden Rake, the heroine is known to be a good young woman. Everybody says so. Faye Shawcross has cared for her younger half-siblings since their feckless widowed mother abandoned them to chase after her lover. She’s also been a constant fiancée to her seafaring future husband.

      But sometimes the temptation to stray from the path of righteousness is too strong to resist. Especially when it becomes obvious that duty and selflessness are not appreciated by those benefiting from them. Faye might be sweet-natured, but she is nobody’s doormat!

      For years Faye has been content to settle for the quiet life of a country lady, surrounded by pastoral beauty and good friends. When Viscount Ryan Kavanagh turns up in the neighbourhood gossip immediately starts about this handsome Irishman’s licentious ways.

      The things that Faye hears about Valeside Manor’s new squire can’t possibly be true...can they? He seems to be the perfect neighbour, helping her out of one tricky situation after another when her younger sister falls in love with a gypsy lad. But has Ryan Kavanagh an ulterior motive where she’s concerned, that proves his devilishness isn’t simply a rumour? And who is he really, anyway?

      Faye wants to believe her rescuer sincere, but how can she trust him when he is reluctant to tell her about himself? Should she jeopardise everything she holds dear and take a chance on a future with the wicked Irishman?

      I hope you enjoy reading about how Faye and Ryan battle their way through lies and deceit to discover peace and happiness for themselves and their families.

      Rescued by the Forbidden Rake

      Mary Brendan


      MARY BRENDAN was born in North London, but now lives in rural Suffolk. She has always had a fascination with bygone days, and enjoys the research involved in writing historical fiction. When not at her word processor she can be found trying to bring order to a large overgrown garden, or browsing local fairs and junk shops for that elusive bargain.

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