Full House Seduction. A.C. Arthur

Full House Seduction - A.C. Arthur

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      Brock sped up, passing Noelle by a full body length as he reached his long arm out and tapped the swimming pool wall almost thirty seconds before she did

      Noelle came up behind him, heart hammering in her chest. If she was going to lose, it had better be to someone who was strong enough to race at their full potential.

      The race had been exhilarating and she was pumped. So much so that she had completely forgotten about Brock’s reward until the moment he came closer, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her against his chest.

      “Now the winner takes the prize,” he said, lowering his head until their lips were a breath apart.

      His tight grip around her waist and the close proximity of their bodies felt so right. If this was always the prize, Noelle might be tempted to lose more often.

      A.C. ARTHUR,

      an award-winning author, resides in Maryland with her husband and three children. She’s had a love of reading, romance novels in particular, since she was a teenager, and writing was the natural next step. Determined to bring a new edge to romance, she continues to develop intriguing plots, sensual love scenes, racy characters and fresh dialogue—always keeping readers on their toes! AC loves to hear from readers via e-mail at [email protected]

      Full House Seduction

      A.C. Arthur


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      To Pier and Paris, you hold a very special place

       in my heart.

      Dear Reader,

      Noelle Vincent has been an essential character in the previous Donovan books. Now it’s finally her turn to find love! Feisty, courageous and often impetuous, Noelle has come a long way since her introduction in Jade and Linc’s story as the screwed up younger sister. Now that Noelle’s strapped with a college degree, a high-paying, high-profile job and a killer body, Brock Remington doesn’t stand a chance.

      Brock, the adopted cousin of the infamous Donovan brothers, was a case to solve all by himself. With his tattered past and his solitary thoughts, he became the best candidate for Noelle’s partner. Their differences draw them together, while their individual challenges ultimately seal their fate. It was an absolute pleasure getting them together.

      In this story you’ll also see some old favorites: Linc, Adam, Jade and Trent. Maxwell Donovan also makes another appearance and you’ll be introduced to a few new members of the Donovan clan—Bailey and Brandon, Brock’s twin siblings. And, as if I haven’t already given you enough to think about, Sam Desdune from Guarding His Body has once again stepped in to help his partner, Trent, and catches the attention of Karena Lakefield. I hope you enjoy Full House Seduction.

      Stay tuned to the Donovans as they join forces with other high-powered, strong and loyal African-American families such as the Desdunes, the Bennetts and the Lakefields of Manhattan.

      Happy reading!



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      Chapter 1

      How did I get here? Noelle Vincent asked herself as she settled into the soft leather seats of the Donovan jet.

      Her bags had been stowed, her laptop and briefcase were lying in the seat beside her and her temples pulsed with a budding headache.

      Glancing out the window, she swallowed, then took a deep breath. She was not a fan of flying, so flying across country definitely was not on her “to do list.” Her brother-in-law knew that and for some insane reason simply did not care.

      “Break down your barriers,” he’d told her simply. He was always saying things like that to her, giving her endless advice and motivation. “Your life would be so much fuller if you’d open yourself up to truly living it.”

      Noelle had thought about his words for the rest of that evening, and in the morning had begun packing. She’d never been this far away from home before, never been this much on her own. But Linc had confidence in her. He believed she could handle this job, that she could manage his new casino on her own.

      Twenty-four months ago, Linc had believed that she could learn the business of running a casino, so much so that he’d insisted she enroll at the local community college, taking business courses by day while working right beside him at the Gramercy Casino in their hometown of Las Vegas at night. When she’d graduated with her AA degree he’d promoted her, telling her that this was just the beginning. Noelle had been nervous then, too, but Linc had insisted she was going to succeed. And she had.

      He’d had faith in her then, when she was nothing but a screwup, so his continued trust in her abilities now were not to be taken lightly. That’s why she was on this plane, flying across country, because Linc had put her there and he expected her to, once again, succeed. She would not let him down.

      Lincoln Donovan, oldest son of Beverly and Henry Donovan, whose name was like a household word in Las Vegas due to their generous charitable contributions and philanthropic work, was sexy and arrogant. He was the owner of the Gramercy Casino and married to Noelle’s older sister, Jade. Linc and Jade—about two months ago—just had their first set of twins, Torian and Tamala, who were just about the cutest little girls Noelle had ever seen. The birth had been an occasion with Linc’s younger brother and his fiancée, Adam and Camille; his parents; Max and Ben, the Donovan cousins; and Noelle and Linc all squeezed into Jade’s birthing room. When the moment they’d all been waiting for finally came, the guests were escorted out, all except Linc, Noelle, Beverly and Henry. It had been emotional and uplifting to watch her sister bring life into the world.

      And it

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