Wrangling The Rich Rancher. Sheri WhiteFeather

Wrangling The Rich Rancher - Sheri WhiteFeather

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      This rancher can’t say no to a sexy single mom...

      It’s the day of reckoning for Matt Clark, secret illegitimate son of a country superstar. Because journalist Libby Penn is on the doorstep of his sprawling ranch seeking an interview. He denies her request. But feisty Libby thrills him as no woman ever has. Soon they’re in his bed.

      Despite their sizzling chemistry, Matt worries the stunning single mom is still vulnerable after losing her husband. And he resents her desire to reunite him with his father. But resistance to the sunny spitfire is proving futile...

      Wrangling the Rich Rancher is part of the Sons of Country series.

      “I’ll walk you to your door.”

      “That isn’t necessary,” Libby said. “My cabin’s right over there.”

      “Yes, but sometimes the coyotes come down from the hills at this hour,” Matt insisted.

      “But they wouldn’t approach me, would they?”

      “They might. I’ve heard they’re partial to blondes in short skirts and fancy boots.”

      She broke into a smile. “I can fend them off. I’m tougher than I look.”

      “That’s good. Because you look like a sugar cookie dipped in silver sprinkles.”

      “You don’t like sugar cookies?”

      “I never said I didn’t like them. I can eat dozens of them.” His amber eyes turned hungry. “I could even devour one whole.”

      Libby fidgeted in her seat. “You’re making me nervous, Matt.”

      He dropped his gaze to her mouth. “I’ve been thinking about kissing you.”

      “You probably shouldn’t be telling me this.”

      “I’m not taking it back, either. I admitted how I feel, and it’s done and over now.”

      * * *

       Wrangling the Rich Rancher

      is part of the Sons of Country series:

      Three heirs to country-music royalty face

      the music with three very special women...

      Dear Reader,

      When I suggested this series, focusing on a country star and his sons, I was thrilled that my editors liked the concept, too. I used to work for some famous musicians. Many years ago I painted the leather pick guards on the original Waylon Jennings signature guitars that the Fender Custom Shop produced. I painted the guitar straps that accompanied those guitars, too.

      During that time I met Waylon backstage at a show, and he was just the nicest man. But by no means did I base this series on him. It doesn’t have anything to do with Waylon Jennings or his family. Nonetheless, I’ve been inspired by having known so many interesting people in the music profession.

      Truthfully, I’m actually more of a rock ‘n’ roll girl than a country gal, but many a country star has influenced me. For a short time I lived in Bakersfield, California, and I enjoyed going to Buck Owens Crystal Palace and checking out the memorabilia on the walls. I enjoyed listening to the music they played there, too. Is it any wonder I plotted a Sons of Country series? I think not.

      Love and hugs,

      Sheri WhiteFeather

      Wrangling the Rich Rancher

      Sheri WhiteFeather



      SHERI WHITEFEATHER is an award-winning, bestselling author. She writes a variety of romance novels for Mills & Boon and is known for incorporating Native American elements into her stories. She has two grown children, who are tribally enrolled members of the Muscogee Creek Nation. She lives in California and enjoys shopping in vintage stores and visiting art galleries and museums. Sheri loves to hear from her readers at www.sheriwhitefeather.com.

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