The Cowboy Claims His Lady. Meagan McKinney

The Cowboy Claims His Lady - Meagan McKinney

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      “I’ve Been Challenged By My Great-Aunt Hazel To Seduce You,” Lyndie Said. “She Doesn’t Think I Can Do It, But I Think I Can.”

      Bruce stared at her in the darkness of the paddock. She couldn’t read his expression at all.

      “It would delight me to no end to prove her and her wicked matchmaking ways wrong. Would you go along with the gag?”

      He stepped toward her, tall and intimidating, masculine and domineering.

      “I’ll go along with it. How far are we going?”

      “Well—not far enough for me to be a notch on your bedpost,” she confirmed nervously.

      “I’d rather you be tethered to my bedpost.” He pressed his long, lean body against hers.

      She looked up at him, wondering how feminine wiles could ever tame such a male animal. Against her will, her breath quickened. She was no match for him when his very nearness caused her to tremble and melt.

      “This is just to fool Hazel,” she said. “I’m not really going to try to seduce you. You do understand that, don’t you?”

      He nodded.

      Then, in a harsh whisper, he said, “I know. ’Cause I’m going to seduce you….”

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      The Cowboy Claims His Lady

      Megan McKinney

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      is the author of over a dozen hardcover and paperback historical and contemporary women’s fiction novels. In addition to romance, she likes to inject mystery and thriller elements into her work. Currently she lives in the Garden District of New Orleans with her two young sons, two very self-entitled cats and a crazy red mutt. Her favorite hobbies are traveling to the Arctic and, of course, reading!


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      “Get over here and give this old cowgirl a hug!”

      Melynda Clay laughed at the greeting. She heard the familiar voice before she could even glance across the small airport terminal of Mystery, Montana.


      Tugging her wheeled luggage behind her, Lyndie headed toward the petite older woman with the elegant silver-chignoned hair. Her great-aunt was the same old contradiction in terms Lyndie remembered. The handsome cattle baroness also wore faded jeans tucked into dusty cowboy boots and a smart alligator-band Western hat.

      “So how is my notorious great-aunt?” Lyndie asked with laughter and a hug.

      “Right as rain on a wood duck! Never better!”

      Lyndie had to agree. Hazel McCallum didn’t look a day over sixty but the matriarch was well into the next decade.

      All that clean-living and fresh mountain air, Lyndie mused. Certainly it was the opposite of the life she’d been living recently, bent over accounting books, worrying and biting her nails in the back of her little French Quarter shop in New Orleans.

      “Lands, let me look at you!” Hazel exclaimed, holding Lyndie out at arm’s length. “Hon, I love what you’ve done with your hair. Last time I saw you, you were just graduating college and you practically had a buzz cut, remember?”

      “Remember? Are you kidding? You kept asking me if I’d joined the Marines!”

      “Well, the shoulder length and the blond streaks are perfect for your McCallum good looks,” Hazel said approvingly, still admiring her. “You’ve got my daddy’s sapphire-blue eyes. My gosh, you’re a regular traffic hazard.”

      Hazel narrowed her own Prussian-blue eyes as if seeing more than Lyndie wanted her to. Lyndie wondered if her great-aunt was taking note of the signs of chronic strain and worry molding her features these days, especially the dark circles under those “sapphire-blue eyes.” The smudges betrayed the days of endless fretting and the sleepless nights.

      “Well, c’mon, city slicker,” Hazel said, taking Lyndie’s free hand and pulling her toward the parking lot. “I’m parked right out front. You’ll find no chauffeur-driven Jaguars around here. Just my dusty old Caddy with tumbleweeds stuck in the grill and longhorns for a hood ornament.”

      “Chauffeur-driven Jaguars?” Lyndie repeated, gasping. “Aunt Hazel, I’m not doing that well.”

      “Oh, cowplop! Your mom tells me you’re getting ready to open your second store. That lingerie empire of yours is practically now a conglomerate. I’m proud of you, sweetie. I guess there’s two sharp business tycoons in this family. So don’t you let those cowhands of mine tease you mercilessly

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