Callie, Get Your Groom. Julianna Morris

Callie, Get Your Groom - Julianna Morris

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      “We should get better acquainted,”

      Mike said, a boyish grin curving his mouth. “We’ve never really done anything together, not even when we were kids. We don’t even know each other well.”

      Hallelujah, Callie cheered silently. Maybe he’d stop dismissing her as the sweet but annoying kid sister type. “At least you know I won’t steal the silver,” she teased.


      To her amazement, Mike reached out and brushed errant strands of hair from her forehead. He was so close, Callie could smell the warm, masculine scent of him, and a piercing ache went through her body. She’d like to cuddle…feel welcome to slide into his arms and put her head on his chest.

      She wanted to marry the man, for heaven’s sake! Ever since she’d been a girl…


      Callie, Get Your Groom

      Hannah Gets A Husband

      Jodie’s Mail-Order Man

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      A confirmed bachelor finds himself the solution to the command: Callie, Get Your Groom as Julianna Morris unveils her new miniseries BRIDAL FEVER! And could love be What the Cowboy Prescribes…in Mary Starleigh’s charming debut Romance novel?

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      Callie, Get Your Groom

      Julianna Morris

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      has an offbeat sense of humor, which frequently gets her into trouble. She is often accused of being curious about everything…her interests ranging from oceanography and photography to traveling, antiquing, walking on the beach and reading science fiction. Choosing a college major was extremely difficult, but after many changes she earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental science.

      Julianna’s writing is supervised by a cat named Gandalf, who sits on the computer monitor and criticizes each keystroke. Ultimately, she would like a home overlooking the ocean, where she can write to her heart’s content—and Gandalf’s malcontent. She’d like to share that home with her own romantic hero, someone with a warm, sexy smile, lots of patience and an offbeat sense of humor to match her own. Oh, yes…and he has to like cats.


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       Chapter Eleven


      Chapter One

      I’m late.

      Michael Fitzpatrick cursed as he turned into the Kachelak airfield, gravel spinning beneath the wheels of his Dodge Dakota. Across the airfield he saw the small Cessna, and two people still standing in the plane’s shadow.

      A wry smile curved Mike’s mouth. It was fairly obvious the pilot was flirting with the woman, and the woman was flirting right back. He’d have to warn his sister that Donovan Masters was an infamous ladies’ man.

      “Hey, sis!” he called, jumping from the Dakota and striding toward the couple. “Sorry I’m late. I got held up.”

      But it wasn’t until Mike was within ten feet of the plane that he realized the diminutive female definitely wasn’t his sister…not unless she’d shrunk several inches and colored her hair to a riotous chestnut.

      “Oh, hi,” the woman said, casually glancing at him as he approached. “Surprise.

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