Meeting Megan Again. Julianna Morris

Meeting Megan Again - Julianna Morris

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      Tyler O’Bannon was flirting with her!

      This wasn’t like Tyler, but then, Megan was the only unrelated single female at the reunion, so maybe he was bored and practicing on her. She put her hand on his forehead.

      “What are you doing?” he murmured.

      “Checking your temperature, because you’re definitely not yourself!”

      “And what is ‘myself’?”

      Megan lifted her shoulders noncommittally. “I don’t know…stern and disapproving?”

      “Stern?” His smile made her breath catch. “Do you really think I’m stern?”

      “You were. You know, back when we first met. It was obvious you didn’t like me. And you sure didn’t think I should marry your cousin.”

      Tyler blinked. Was that all she thought had happened nine years ago? No, he shook his head. She must have recognized his attraction to her.

      But then, Megan was just a girl when they first met. Not the woman—the unattached woman—she was now….

      Dear Reader,

      As senior editor for the Silhouette Romance line, I’m lucky enough to get first peek at the stories we offer you each month. Each editor searches for stories with an emotional impact, that make us laugh or cry or feel tenderness and hope for a loving future. And we do this with you, the reader, in mind. We hope you continue to enjoy the variety each month as we take you from first love to forever….

      Susan Meier’s wonderful story of a hardworking single mom and the man who sweeps her off her feet is Cinderella and the CEO. In The Boss’s Baby Mistake, Raye Morgan tells of a heroine who accidentally gets inseminated with her new boss’s child! The fantasy stays alive with Carol Grace’s Fit for a Sheik as a wedding planner’s new client is more than she bargained for….

      Valerie Parv always creates a strong alpha hero. In Booties and the Beast, Sam’s the strong yet tender man. Julianna Morris’s lighthearted yet emotional story Meeting Megan Again reunites two people who only seem mismatched. And finally Carolyn Greene’s An Eligible Bachelor has a very special secondary character—along with a delightful hero and heroine!

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      Mary-Theresa Hussey

      Senior Editor

      Meeting Megan Again

      Julianna Morris

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      has an offbeat sense of humor, which frequently gets her into trouble. She is often accused of being curious about everything…her interests ranging from oceanography and photography to traveling, antiquing, walking on the beach and reading science fiction.

      Julianna loves cats of all shapes and sizes, and last year she was adopted by a feline companion named Merlin. Like his namesake, Merlin is an alchemist—she says he can transform the house into a disaster area in nothing flat. And since he shares the premises with a writer, it’s interesting to note that he’s particularly fond of knocking books onto the floor.

      Ultimately, Julianna would like a home overlooking the ocean, where she can write to her heart’s content. She’d like to share that home with her own romantic hero, someone with a warm, sexy smile, lots of patience and an offbeat sense of humor to match her own. Oh, yes…and he has to like cats.




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      “He’s so-o-o terrific.”

      Megan O’Bannon looked at her seven-year-old daughter and sighed. “Yes, he’s very attractive.”

      Kara turned a page of the magazine she’d mooned over for the past week. Specifically, the article about the man she’d mooned over—Tyler O’Bannon, a self-made millionaire with more sizzle than the sexiest movie star. “And he’s really related to me?”

      “Your father was Tyler’s third cousin a few times removed or something. It’s a distant relationship—he’s never been that close to the family.”

      “You know, Mom, he might come to the reunion if we invite him. He lives in San Francisco, so it’s only a few hours’ drive.”

      Megan rubbed her aching forehead. For the past week she’d been planning the O’Bannon reunion, held every three years. The bed and breakfast inn she’d started after her husband’s death was the per

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