That Old Feeling. Cara Colter

That Old Feeling - Cara Colter

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      Clint McPherson in the flesh.

      He straightened suddenly, and she knew his instinct had warned him he was no longer alone. He swung around.

      Brandy sensed two things immediately.

      Her father had been right. Something was wrong. The light that had always flared in Clint’s eyes, brilliant and fierce, had an element in it she did not understand. It was as if ice and fire battled within him, and ice was winning.

      And the second thing she could not ignore was that her skin was tingling treacherously. She loved Clint McPherson in some primal way she was not sure she could ever tame.

      Nonsense, she told herself, utter hogwash.

      She had been taming the untamable her whole life!

      She was here on assignment for her father. And herself. She would lay her childish heartbreaks and hopes to rest. She would see Clint McPherson through the eyes of a mature woman…and tame that thing inside her that wanted him.

      Dear Reader,

      Just as the seasons change, you may have noticed that our Silhouette Romance covers have evolved over the past year. We have tried to create cover art that uses more soft pastels, sun-drenched images and tender scenes to evoke the aspirational and romantic spirit of this line. We have also tried to make our heroines look like women you can relate to and may want to be. After all, this line is about the joys of falling in love, and we hope you can live vicariously through these heroines.

      Our writers this month have done an especially fine job in conveying this message. Reader favorite Cara Colter leads the month with That Old Feeling (#1814) in which the heroine must overcome past hurts to help her first love raise his motherless daughter. This is the debut title in the author’s emotional new trilogy, A FATHER’S WISH. Teresa Southwick concludes her BUY-A-GUY miniseries with the story of a feisty lawyer who finds herself saddled with an unwanted and wholly irresistible bodyguard, in Something’s Gotta Give (#1815). A sister who’d do anything for her loved ones finds her own sweet reward when she switches places with her sibling, in Sister Swap (#1816)—a compelling new romance by Lilian Darcy. Finally, in Made-To-Order Wife (#1817) by Judith McWilliams, a billionaire hires an etiquette expert to help him land the perfect society wife, and he soon starts rethinking his marriage plans.

      Be sure to return next month when Cara Colter continues her trilogy and Judy Christenberry returns to the line.

      Happy reading!

      Ann Leslie Tuttle

      Associate Senior Editor

      That Old Feeling

      A Father’s Wish

      Cara Colter

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      shares ten acres in the wild Kootenay region of British Columbia with the man of her dreams, three children, two horses, a cat with no tail and a golden retriever who answers best to “bad dog.” She loves reading, writing and the woods in winter (no bears). She says life’s delights include an automatic garage door opener and the skylight over the bed that allows her to see the stars at night. She also says, “I have not lived a neat and tidy life, and used to envy those who did. Now I see my struggles as having given me a deep appreciation of life, and of love, that I hope I succeed in passing on through the stories that I tell.”

      Dear Reader,

      My life partner, Rob, is an adventurer. He knew how to use a rifle before he knew how to spell Mississippi. I, on the other hand, was raised with swimming lessons, story time at the library and meat that came in nicely wrapped packages from the grocery store. Because of having Rob in my life I have found myself in places where it is possible to be charged by a grizzly bear—and I was! Quite frankly, I’m happier at home with a book, but being thrown completely into an alien world, where I’m uncomfortable, awkward and frightened, forces me to be more than I was before.

      This series, A FATHER’S WISH, begins with a delightful what if. What if three young women, who had been indulged their entire lives, were put in situations that required more of them than had ever been required before? Though my three heroines don’t leave civilization (though they might argue that point) the challenges they face are grizzly bears to them! And, of course, they have the most remarkable heroes to antagonize them, challenge them, protect them and guide them.

      I invite you to come with me as Brandy, Jessie and Chelsea—one brave, one brainy, one beautiful—find out life and love have plans for them that are beyond their wildest dreams….


      Cara Colter



       Chapter One

       Chapter Two


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