The Texan's Suite Romance. Judy Christenberry

The Texan's Suite Romance - Judy Christenberry

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      “You know all about pain, don’t you, Alex?”

      He kept his head down, his hair shining in the candlelight from their dinner table.

      Tabitha pressed on. “Losing someone doesn’t mean you can’t rejoin the human race.”

      “I’ve already done that.”

      “Have you, Alex? Have you dated? Kissed a woman? Had sex? Those are normal functions of a human, aren’t they?”

      He looked up then and his gaze seemed to burn into her. She could feel her body temperature rising with every passing second. “Why do you care, Tabitha?” he asked in a husky voice. “Are you offering?”

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      Four special women shatter the barricades they’ve built around their dreams, in Silhouette Romance this month. Be it openly defying the life role set out for them or realizing their life’s ambition, these independent ladies represent the type of aspirational heroines we’re looking for in Silhouette Romance.

      Myrna Mackenzie launches our newest trilogy, SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, with Much Ado About Matchmaking (SR #1786) in which a woman who doesn’t think she’s special or beautiful enough for the worldly hero finally gets the courage to listen to her heart. The Texan’s Suite Romance (SR #1787) rounds out Judy Christenberry’s LONE STAR BRIDES continuity and features a woman who knows Mr. Right when she meets him but now must help him heal enough to let love back into his lonely life. When her screenplay is made into a movie set on her family’s ranch, one woman thinks she’s fulfilled all her dreams…until she meets one very handsome stuntman. Watch this drama unfold in Lights, Action…Family! (SR #1788)—the concluding romance in Patricia Thayer’s LOVE AT THE GOODTIME CAFÉ miniseries. Finally, Crystal Green wraps up the BLOSSOM COUNTY FAIR series with Her Gypsy Prince (SR #1789) in which a sheltered woman bucks her family’s wishes to pursue a forbidden love.

      And be sure to come back next month when Elizabeth Harbison puts a modern spin on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew.

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      The Texan’s Suite Romance

      Lone Star Brides

      Judy Christenberry

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      has been writing romances for over fifteen years because she loves happy endings as much as her readers do. She’s a bestselling author for Harlequin American Romance, but she has a long love of traditional romances and is delighted to tell a story that brings those elements to the reader. A former high school French teacher, Judy devotes her time to writing. She hopes readers have as much fun reading her stories as she does writing them. She spends her spare time reading, watching her favorite sports teams and keeping track of her two adult daughters.


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      Chapter One

      Tabitha Tyler woke slowly. It was the first day of summer vacation, a day she’d dreamed of for several months now. She’d planned a day with no problems, no must-dos. Just peace and quiet.

      The ringing phone shattered the stillness. She looked at her watch automatically. Nine-thirty. It must be one of her sisters. Had Tommie, the oldest of the triplets, gone into an early labor? Tabitha grabbed the phone.


      “Tabitha, it’s Mona.”

      Mona Langston had been Tabitha’s publicist when last year she launched her exercise videos aimed at teenagers, the age level to whom Tabitha

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