Drawing Hearts. J.M. Jeffries

Drawing Hearts - J.M. Jeffries

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      A bet worth the risk...

      Taking over the boutiques at her grandmother’s Reno casino is a lucky break for fashion buyer Kenzie Russell. But while she relishes the challenges at Casa de Mariposa, Kenzie longs to launch her own designer line. There’s also another distraction—Reed Watson, the supersmart, übersexy tech guru who’s generously offered to fix the casino’s software glitches.

      Ever since he made his first fortune before the age of twenty-one, Reed has been surrounded by people more interested in his millions than in him. Not Kenzie. Her ambition and zest for life are exhilarating, and she wants success on her own terms. They’re opposites in so many ways, except when it comes to a powerful, mutual attraction. But with a secret adversary trying to bring chaos to the casino, everything is at stake—Kenzie’s job, her family’s future and their sizzling, once-in-a-lifetime connection...

      As they rose higher, Kenzie said, “This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

      “You’re beautiful.” Reed kissed her. Not the delicate first kiss he’d given her, but a more searching one, more passionate and filled with promise.

      She caressed his cheek, her thoughts in turmoil. She leaned against him, her head on his shoulder, and let all her cares drip away. This one moment was filled with promise and she wanted to savor it.

      They stood, arms around each other as the balloon started to descend. As they stepped out of the gondola, an unusual shyness crept over Kenzie. She didn’t know what to say or how to act. Reed studied her cautiously as though expecting to be rejected.

      “I’m not quite sure how to tell you this...”

      He stepped back, but she grabbed his hand and pulled him to her.

      “I apologize. It was wrong of me to take advantage of the moment...”

      “Stop.” She held up her hand. “Stop. This was the most wonderful moment in my life. I want more. I want more with you.”

      Kenzie Russell is the last of the Russell clan to fall...in love. Reed Watson, the last man she ever expected to love, storms into her life and into her heart. He woos her with a romantic dinner on Lake Tahoe and a fun weekend at a comic book convention in San Francisco. True love has twists and turns, peaks and valleys. Join Kenzie and Reed as they negotiate the path to love with humor and determination to discover the journey is as sweet as the destination.

      Jackie and I are sorry to see the end of the Russell family saga. Next up on our docket is the Torres family, Scott’s in-laws and Nina’s rambunctious siblings, as they venture off in search of their ultimate happy endings. The first story is set against the annual pageantry of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade featuring Daniel Torres and Greer Courtland. Don’t miss it.

      Jackie and Miriam

      J.M. Jeffries

      Drawing Hearts

      J.M. Jeffries


      JACKIE AND MIRIAM live in Southern California. When they aren’t writing, Jackie is trying to take a nap and Miriam plays with her grandchildren. Jackie thought she wanted to be a lawyer until she met Miriam and decided to be a writer instead. Miriam always wanted to be a writer from her earliest childhood when she taught herself to read at age four. Both are avid readers and can usually be found with their noses in a book, or, now that it’s the twenty-first century, their eReaders. Check out their blog at jmjeffries.com.

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