Passion's Song. Farrah Rochon

Passion's Song - Farrah Rochon

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      A desire they never imagined...

      New Orleans has always been a musical city, and April Knight quickly fell under its spell. Despite the challenges of poverty and disillusionment, April defied everyone to realize her dream of becoming a celebrated cellist. Buoyed by her success, she’s returned to the Ninth Ward to share her encouragement and enthusiasm with the local youth, unaware of a new passion that awaits.

      Years ago, Damien Alexander encouraged April to follow her ambitions, even as he followed his own. Now he has the opportunity to revitalize his old neighborhood, and he needs April’s grace and charm to woo investors. Instead of the platonic arrangement they expected, a swift and intense spark of attraction suddenly changes the dynamic of their relationship. Will they be able to help their community and answer the sweet, sweet melody of love?

      When he sat next to her on the cushioned chaise, Damien deliberately sat closer than necessary, so that their thighs rubbed against each other. It was a test of sorts, to see if he’d read her vibe correctly, or if he was completely off base.

      He wasn’t.

      Instead of moving away, April leaned against him as she sipped her wine.

      “Is this why you’re okay not playing with an orchestra?” Damien asked her. “You can get your fix here?”

      She shrugged. “I never thought about it that way, but I guess you’re right. I miss the live shows, but I don’t miss the hassle. Traveling from city to city takes its toll on you.”

      “You look no worse for the wear,” he said, allowing his eyes to travel the length of her. His mouth watered at the sight of the smooth expanse of thigh peeking through the rip in her jeans.

      When his eyes met hers again he noticed the subtle heat staring back at him. Damien traced her bare arm with the backs of his fingers, the caress hovering somewhere between a friendly stroke and something...more.

      “Do you ever think about going back out there? Joining another orchestra?”

      April’s eyes slid closed. Damien wanted to think it was so she could concentrate on his touch. She took a sip of wine before answering.

      For years I’ve written books set in my cherished home of south Louisiana, but I’ve shied away from even mentioning the storm that devastated the Gulf South back in 2005. This time, I decided to confront Hurricane Katrina head-on by setting Passion’s Song in New Orleans’s Ninth Ward neighborhood. I wanted to show both the struggles the area is still experiencing and the true courage that many of its residents have displayed as they continue to recover from Katrina’s devastation.

      Passion’s Song is a story of strength, resilience and, of course, love. I hope you enjoy April and Damien’s love story. I also hope that it gives you greater insight into the issues that remain a part of everyday life for many in my beloved New Orleans.

      Farrah Rochon

      Passion’s Song

      Farrah Roybiskie

      FARRAH ROCHON had dreams of becoming a fashion designer as a teenager, until she discovered she would be expected to wear something other than jeans to work every day. Thankfully, the coffee shop where she writes does not have a dress code. When Farrah is not penning stories, the USA TODAY bestselling author and avid sports fan feeds her addiction to football by attending New Orleans Saints games.

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      Dedicated to my fellow Louisiana residents who are still bravely recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

      But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

      —Isaiah 40:31

      I’d like to thank Gravier Street Social in downtown New Orleans, local cellist Monica McIntyre and fellow writer Tiffany Monique. All influenced this story in their own special way.



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      “Tonight calls for wine.”

      As April Knight surveyed the array of steno pads, highlighters and sticky notes strewn about her living room floor, she

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