This Tender Melody. Kianna Alexander

This Tender Melody - Kianna Alexander

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      Rivals—in perfect harmony...

      The only thing standing between Eve Franklin and her dream is over six feet of pure, arrogant alpha male. Eve has spent years preparing to take the reins of her family’s software business. Now that her father is stepping down, he’s putting someone else in charge—a gorgeous tech magnate who’s not content with just taking Eve’s place in the boardroom. He plans to woo her into his bedroom, as well!

      Software genius, talented musician and independently wealthy at thirty-six—Darius Winstead has always known how to get what he wants. And he wants Eve. But she is a challenge unlike any other. She’s sophisticated, smart and not the least bit intimidated by his success. So Darius starts to reveal all aspects of his life and invites Eve to see the man behind the millionaire. Will it be enough to make Eve listen to her heart and trust her former enemy?

      She touched his hand. “Fantastic show.”

      “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” He inhaled the soft scent of her perfume.

      “I thought that last song was especially moving.” She looked into his eyes, waiting.

      Looks like she’s on to me. “I wrote it. It was inspired by you.” He reached out, tracing a gentle finger along her silken jaw.

      She trembled beneath his touch. “I don’t know what to say—it’s beautiful.”

      He hopped down from the stage, never tearing his eyes from hers.

      She came to him, and he enfolded her in his embrace. He lifted her chin, watched her eyes slide closed. Her glossy lips parted in sweet invitation. Leaning down, he pressed his lips to hers.

      Her delicate fingers stroked the back of his neck as the kiss deepened.

      He groaned, pulling her in as close as he could. He left her lips to explore the hollow of her neck, scented with the sweet, sensual notes of her perfume. His arousal grew, increasing to the point of pain. If he didn’t have her tonight, he seriously thought he might explode.

      He placed a parting kiss on her neck, then whispered in her ear. “Let’s get out of here, or I’m going to make love to you on the stage—”

      Dear Reader,

      Thank you so much for picking up a copy of This Tender Melody. I’m so excited about my Mills & Boon Kimani Romance debut and I hope you are, as well. This story has been with me for quite a few years. I’d always wanted to write something that combined my two favorite things: romance and great music. The Gentlemen of Queen City series will bring you hot, sexy love stories, interwoven with the jazz music that shaped today’s hits, all set in the sultry city of Charlotte, NC.

      The heroes of these books are members of a jazz quartet. Four men who have little else in common are drawn together by their love of the music. Darius Winstead, the band’s bassist, is up first, and he’s about to meet his perfect match in technology executive Eve Franklin. Get ready—it’s going to be a wild ride!

      All the best,


      This Tender Melody

      Kianna Alexander

      KIANNA ALEXANDER, like any good Southern belle, wears many hats: loving wife, doting mama, advice-dispensing sister and gabbing girlfriend. She’s a voracious reader, an amateur seamstress and occasional painter in oils. Chocolate, American history, sweet tea and Idris Elba are a few of her favorite things. A native of the Tar Heel state, Kianna still lives there with her husband, two kids and a collection of well-loved vintage ’80s Barbie dolls.

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      For my son, whose bravery, curiosity and positive outlook inspire me daily.


      First, I acknowledge my Creator, who lovingly made me, and gave me the gift of words.

      Next, I declare my love to my family. To my husband, Keith, whose affection and support cradle my very soul, thank you. And to the two beautiful children born from our union, Mama loves you dearly.

      I’d like to thank my “Council of Queens.” These are the women who have lived a bit longer than me, whose love, support and advice help me make my way in the world. They are Lillie Mae and Gwen Mckinnon, Jettlean Pettiford, Joyce Manning, Henrietta Wyatt, Virginia Stone and the venerable Beverly Jenkins. I’d also like to express my love and gratitude to my wonderful street team, The Reading Roses, and to my Hot MAMA compatriots: Altonya Washington, Angie Daniels, Bridget Midway, Cheris Hodges, Denise Jeffries, Di Topaz, Iris Bolling, Loretta Walls, Reese Ryan and Yvette Hines. And all my love to the book clubs and readers who’ve been supporting my work since I first published in 2009.



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