Love is in the Air. Devon Vaughn Archer

Love is in the Air - Devon Vaughn Archer

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      Final destination: Desire

      Weekend reporter Holly Kendall isn’t looking for a mile-high romance when she boards a first-class flight home to Houston. Busy with work commitments, the one thing she can’t do is let anything sidetrack her. But Anderson Gunn, the sensual legal consultant sitting next to her on the plane, is one irresistible distraction. And once they land on solid ground, their attraction soars.

      Holly’s passionate heart overrules her practical mind—until she discovers that Anderson’s exactly the kind of player she vowed to stay away from. An ex-fiancée is just one of the skeletons in Anderson’s closet, but he’s given up his heartbreaking ways. Yet convincing Holly that he’s a changed man is next to impossible. Will his past mistakes cost him a future with the woman of his dreams?

      He put a hand to his chin.

      “So you think you have me

      all figured out, huh?”

      “I don’t know about that, but at least the music.”

      “A good start,” he said. “I’ll be happy to fill in the blanks whenever you like.”

      “Good. I plan to hold you to that,” she promised.

      At the moment, he would have just settled for holding her. The thought of their bodies touching had a rippling effect through Anderson, causing his temperature to rise. Was she feeling the vibe, too?

      After the meal, Anderson walked Holly to her car. He wanted more than anything to kiss her. Something told him she felt the same.

      He leaned in slowly and grazed her lips.

      Holly felt his lips on hers and was quick to reciprocate. She had been hoping Anderson would kiss her, as it seemed the perfect way to end what had been a pleasant date. The kiss, which lasted for several scintillating seconds, wasn’t a disappointment in the slightest. She liked that he wasn’t pushing for too much, too soon, and was respectful in giving them both something to look forward to the next time.

      In her mind, it was a given that there would be a next time. But were they on the same wavelength?


      is a bestselling author of many Harlequin Kimani Romance novels. These include Love is in the Air and three stories that take place on different Hawaiian islands, including Pleasure in Hawaii, Private Luau and Aloha Fantasy. He is also the author of the Kimani holiday classics Christmas Diamonds and Christmas Wishes. Archer was the first male author to write for Harlequin’s Kimani Arabesque line with the moving love story Love Once Again. The author has also written a number of bestselling urban and mainstream fiction, including Danger at Every Turn and The Hitman’s Woman, as well as hot-selling young adult fiction, Her Teen Dream and His Teen Dream. To keep up with his latest news and upcoming books, follow, friend or connect with Devon Vaughn Archer on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Goodreads, LibraryThing and

      Love is in the Air

      Devon Vaughn Archer

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      Dear Reader,

      I am happy to present to you my latest Harlequin Kimani Romance, Love is in the Air. It is sure to keep you engaged throughout.

      When a weekend anchor and a legal consultant wind up sitting together on a flight to Houston, it is but the beginning of their romantic journey that will perhaps never bring the pair back down to earth.

      The idea for this story was conceived from a visit to the airport and imagining two strangers finding romance by chance and a mutual desire to fall in love. Is your mind open enough to find romance in the air, if you clicked with your seatmate?

      This wonderful romance will make you believe anything is possible with love.

      I invite you as well to read my three recent Hawaii-themed romances, Aloha Fantasy, Private Luau and Pleasure in Hawaii.

      Kind regards,

      Devon Vaughn Archer

      I would like to thank my wife, H. Loraine,

      for her tireless devotion to me and my writing.

      I would never have found my current success without her presence in my world.

      I also express appreciation to the Harlequin Kimani editors and staff I have worked with for their professionalism and support through the years.

      To “Sleeping Beautiful,”

      my other half and gorgeous wife who taught me

      the meaning of true love and a lifetime commitment.

      And to my mother, Marjah A. Flowers,

      and sister, Jacquelyn V. White, the other ladies in my life who have provided the inspiration and support

      to make me the person I am today.


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