Say It with Roses. Devon Vaughn Archer

Say It with Roses - Devon Vaughn Archer

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      A new chapter in the book of love?

      After being left at the altar in Texas, Madison Wagner is determined to fly solo. The once-burned book reviewer’s move to Oregon is difficult, especially when she becomes attracted to the one man she should avoid at all costs. She can’t help being irresistibly drawn to rugged and handsome bestselling author Stuart Kendall. If only Stuart’s sister hadn’t married Madison’s snake of an ex-fiancé….

      Although Stuart is secretly thrilled that Madison chose to settle in Portland, he still bears the pain of his ex-wife’s cruel betrayal. And he’s vowed to protect himself and his young twin daughters from being hurt again. But Madison is different, and she is slowly breaking down his barriers, one by one. Suddenly, Stuart’s fantasizing about a future with her. Could they both have a second chance at romance…together?

      They sat on the sofa and Madison immediately felt comfortable with Stuart. He was quite handsome and seemed interested in her. How could she not feel the same way?

      “What are you thinking?” Stuart peered into her eyes as he tried to process his good fortune of being in the company of a gorgeous woman.

      “That I’d love to kiss you,” she said. Had she really just said that to him? Where did the courage come from?

      “Then do it,” he told her, taking her wineglass and setting it on the coffee table beside his. “Or, better yet, let me kiss you....”

      Stuart tilted his face and moved in to her waiting lips parted slightly as he kissed her. Her lips were soft and tender, just as he liked them. He wrapped his arms around the small of her back and drew her even closer while continuing the kiss.

      Madison caught her breath as her lips locked with Stuart’s in a full-blown, openmouthed kiss. She couldn’t remember ever feeling this kind of emotion from a kiss.


      is the bestselling author of several Harlequin Kimani Romance novels, including Love is in the Air. He also penned Pleasure In Hawaii, Private Luau and Aloha Fantasy, a series which takes place on different Hawaiian islands; and holiday classics, such as Christmas Diamonds and Christmas Wishes. Archer was the first male author to write for Harlequin’s Arabesque line with the tender love story, Love Once Again.

      The author has also written a number of bestselling urban and mainstream fiction, including Danger At Every Turn, The Hitman’s Woman and The Secrets of Paradise Bay; as well as hot-selling young-adult fiction, such as the Her Teen Dream and His Teen Dream series.

      To keep up with his latest news and upcoming books, follow, friend or connect with Devon Vaughn Archer on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Goodreads, LibraryThing and

      Say it with Roses

      Devon Vaughn Archer

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      Dear Reader,

      I am delighted to present to you my latest heartwarming Harlequin Kimani romance. As the follow-up to the successful Love is in the Air, I’m sure you will feel compelled to keep turning the pages as this wonderful love story unfolds.

      Sparks fly when a book reviewer moves to Portland, Oregon, and meets a handsome author and father of two adorable little girls. Both the heroine and hero have been burned in past relationships, which means they have to learn to trust each other as things heat up between them.

      I believe that love the second time around is even better. This tale will make a believer out of you, too!

      I invite you, as well, to read my recent Hawaii-themed romances Aloha Fantasy, Private Luau, and Pleasure in Hawaii.

      Kind regards,

      Devon Vaughn Archer

      To H. Loraine, the love of my own life who keeps me on my toes and down to earth.

      And to my fans who have inspired me to keep writing great love stories for you to enjoy for years to come.

      I would like to thank my wife, H. Loraine, for her untiring devotion to me and my writings. I owe much of my success to her and never fail to express my gratitude.

      I also extend appreciation to the Harlequin Kimani editors and staff I have worked with over the years for their

      professionalism and support in helping to bring my

      romances to life.


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