Naughty Nights in the Millionaire's Mansion. Robyn Grady

Naughty Nights in the Millionaire's Mansion - Robyn Grady

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      ‘While we’re on the subject of getting things straight…I don’t regret kissing you, Vanessa. Quite the contrary.’ That curious gleam faded up and swam again in his eyes. ‘Would it surprise you to hear I’d like to do it again?’

      A hot jet of arousal flashed through her veins. For a moment she was so shaken she couldn’t respond. She wet her suddenly dry lips, then wished she hadn’t. She didn’t want to give him the wrong idea.

      Her voice was a croak. ‘That wouldn’t be wise.’

      The line between his brows gradually deepened. ‘You’re right. Of course. Not wise at all.’

      She gazed up dreamily, lost in the entrancing mirrors of his eyes. ‘So was that kiss just part of the service?’

      His jaw tightened. ‘No. That was unforgivable. It won’t happen again.’

      ‘You’re certain?’

      The pad of his thumb grazed her lips before his mouth descended once more. ‘Absolutely.’

      One Christmas long ago, Robyn Grady received a book from her big sister and immediately fell in love with Cinderella. Sprinklings of magic, deepest wishes come true—she was hooked! Picture books with glass slippers later gave way to romance novels and, more recently, the real-life dream of writing for Mills & Boon.

      After a fifteen-year career in television, Robyn met her own modern-day hero. They live on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, with their three little princesses, two poodles and a cat called Tinkie. She loves new shoes, worn jeans, lunches at Moffat Beach and hanging out with her friends on eHarlequin. Learn about her latest releases at and don’t forget to say hi. She’d love to hear from you!

      Robyn also writes for Mills & Boon® Desire!

       Dear Reader

      Today’s world is such a busy place. Seems we have a thousand things to do and a thousand choices to make. The pressure can be overwhelming. Imagine if we could cast some ancient spell and conjure up the perfect balance between work and relaxation—responsibility and fun…

      Multimillionaire Mitch Stuart knows about the former, not so much the latter. When his father died, Mitch became head of a house full of dependent females. After years of automatically putting his family and their company first, Mitch happens upon a fascinating lady. Vanessa Craig prefers tatty jeans to Chanel, puppies over expensive perfume—and she has this focused young banker, with the world at his feet, completely bewitched. Unfortunately she’s appeared in his life at the worst possible time.

      Vanessa has never known such passion or happiness. She’d like nothing better than to languish for ever in the bliss to be found in Mitch Stuart’s strong arms. However, if they continue to see each other Mitch could lose what he’s worked towards for so long. She needs to make a single, heartrending choice. If Mitch can’t do what needs to be done, perhaps she should do it for him…and bow out of his life.

      I hope you enjoy Mitch and Vanessa’s journey towards finding and embracing the very best of both worlds.

      And, Stuey…in my books, you’re every woman’s quintessential sexy banker.☺







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      To Moet and Ebony, with love


      ‘IT’S settled. You’re coming home with me.’

      The low murmur at Vanessa Craig’s back left her nape tingling, as if her skin had been brushed by an intimate kiss. Drawn from stacking the last of the special diet dog food, she curled some hair behind her ear, then slowly edged around. She tried—but failed—to keep her eyes in her head.

      Of course, the attractive man standing nearby hadn’t spoken to her. Heck, he didn’t know she existed, even if Vanessa was acutely aware of every sensitised cell in her body suddenly glowing with life.

      Powerhouse height, pitch-black hair, a strong shadowed jaw and eyes bluer than any Vanessa had seen. The precise cut of his trousers, the immaculate polish of his shoes—everything about this man didn’t simply say he settled for the best.

      He was the best.

      When the man-god shifted his weight, the ledge of his magnificent shoulders went back. His attention drifted from the small tank, which contained a single goldfish, and landed on her.

      ‘Afternoon.’ His mouth curved up at one side as he quarter-turned to face her. ‘You work here?’

      Vanessa swallowed the knot of hot desire tugging in her throat. ‘I’m the manager.’

      ‘Great. I’m interested in that fish.’

      Vanessa studied the goldfish, who was busy studying the man. She smiled over. ‘Not half as interested as he seems to be in you.’

      While she spoke, the light changed in her customer’s ocean-blue eyes, as though something in her face or her voice, made him wonder if they’d met before. Not on this side of her dreams.

      As his sexy smile returned, he tilted his head at the tank. ‘I’m wondering…can you tell his gender?’

      Although Vanessa had answered that question regarding fish many times in the past two years, the majority of people who visited her Sydney pet store—Great and Small—seemed content to while away some time fawning over the puppies and kittens. Who could blame them? Cute bundles of fur bouncing around, pressing their squishy wet noses against the window, desperate for a cuddle. Searching for a home.

      Caring for her animals was a labour of pure love, but the real joy came when one went to a family whom she knew would truly care. Friends were great: Josie and Tia, her buddies since high school, were the best. But family, real family…well, everybody wanted one.

      Did this man have a family? Was he an uncle? A father?

      She set a hand on a corner of the cool tank. ‘Males can have tiny dots on the gills and pectoral fins. Like those.’ She waggled a finger at the little guy’s fins, then filtered in an interesting detail. ‘Did you know that the Japanese have been keeping goldfish as pets for over a thousand years?’

      His gorgeous eyes smiled and sparkled. ‘Is that right?’

      She nodded. ‘It’s also a bona fide fact that watching fish swim can be soothing to the nerves.’


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