Compromising The Duke's Daughter. Mary Brendan

Compromising The Duke's Daughter - Mary Brendan

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      Playing with scandal

      Lady Joan Morland has already risked her reputation once with dashing Drew Rockleigh. And when her coach is set upon, it’s Drew who rescues her, more roguish and tempting than ever!

      Then Joan discovers Drew has lost his fortune and decides to repay her debt by helping him. But after a sizzling kiss, she finds herself compromised once again! This time, scandal is surely inevitable...and the only thing to quell it is a walk down the aisle!

      With her puny fists Joan battered a chest that felt like granite, trying to squirm away, but he suddenly shifted sideways on the seat and brought her down on her back beside him.

      Drew braced an arm over her so she was trapped against the upholstery. Slowly his face descended and, mesmerised, Joan watched his mouth until it blurred out of focus. But he didn’t kiss her; his lips skimmed her hot cheek, the faintest tickle of bristle scouring her skin.

      ‘Do you know what I think, my lady?’ he murmured against her small, sensitive earlobe. ‘I think my conceit is making me believe your interest in me is personal. I think you’re as eager to taste me as I am to have you.’

       Author Note

      This novel is the second of two books featuring characters linked by family and friendship. In Tarnished, Tempted and Tamed Lady Joan Morland’s beloved stepsister Fiona finds happiness with dashing Luke Wolfson, following an adventure that plunges her into the midst of a smuggling gang.

      In Compromising the Duke’s Daughter Lady Joan is aware that impeccable behaviour is expected of a young woman of her privileged status. She is sure that a youthful peccadillo with one of her brother-in-law’s rakish friends is firmly buried in her past. Then Drew Rockleigh bursts back into her life and Joan is astonished to see how low the handsome gentleman has fallen. She knows she owes him a debt of gratitude for having kept her secret...a secret that could ruin her and break her father’s heart should it leak out.

      Keen to prove that she trusts him, Joan probes the mystery behind Rockleigh’s downfall. Infuriatingly, he seems not to need or want her assistance. But he does want her, and soon Joan realises that she wants him too, and will do her utmost to help him regain his rightful position in society.

      The drama sweeps Lady Joan from the elegant drawing rooms of Mayfair, pitching her headlong into the squalid slums of the East End of London where, unbelievably, this duke’s daughter finds she has fallen in love with a streetfighter and will do whatever it takes to capture Rockleigh’s heart.

      I hope you enjoy reading about Joan and Drew’s passionate skirmishes, and the obstacles they must overcome on the road to winning their happy-ever-after.

      Compromising the Duke’s Daughter

      Mary Brendan


      MARY BRENDAN was born in North London, but now lives in rural Suffolk. She has always had a fascination with bygone days, and enjoys the research involved in writing historical fiction. When not at her word processor she can be found trying to bring order to a large overgrown garden, or browsing local fairs and junk shops for that elusive bargain.

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