The Winterley Scandal. Elizabeth Beacon

The Winterley Scandal - Elizabeth Beacon

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      Under the gaze of the ton!

      As the daughter of wild Pamela Winterley, Eve has always lived in the shadow of scandal. Society watches her every move, waiting for Eve to prove she is just as wayward as her mother...

      Ever since his father’s scandalous affair, Colm Hancourt has lived life on his own terms. But then he comes face-to-face with Eve, the daughter of his father’s mistress! It may have begun with a kiss that set tongues wagging, but could the latest Winterley scandal be the start of something special?

      He was so strung out with hot curiosity that he broke first.

      He bridged the final gap between them with a kiss that healed and yet burned like wildfire at the same time. Haste, heat, fury, excitement and a pinch of doubt roared through him in a heady tangle he couldn’t begin to sort out. Then she kissed him back, and that wild rush of feelings melted into just her…just them.

      ‘Closer,’ he urged, and they shifted together so the back wall of the summerhouse stopped them.

      He braced against it to keep her from the cold hardness, and now they were locked together as if they might dissolve walls and pillars and damp December with their own version of summer heat—never mind hard angles, chilly marble and the ever more ferocious storm outside.

       Author Note

      Welcome to The Winterley Scandal. Eve Winterley first appeared in The Viscount’s Frozen Heart, the first book of my A Year of Scandal quartet, and even then I knew she would need a book of her own one day.

      Five years on from that fateful year of scandal, Eve has been ‘out’ for three years. She is determined not to let her notorious mother’s reputation taint her—but then she meets the son of Pamela Winterley’s last lover and must choose between keeping her spotless reputation and risking everything with this gruff, battle-scarred young man she shouldn’t fall in love with but somehow can’t forget.

      I do hope you enjoy Eve and Colm’s story, whether you have read any of the other Winterley stories or not, and thank you for being such wonderful and loyal readers.

      The Winterley Scandal

      Elizabeth Beacon


      ELIZABETH BEACON has a passion for history and storytelling and, with the English West Country on her doorstep, never lacks a glorious setting for her books. Elizabeth tried horticulture, higher education as a mature student, briefly taught English, and worked in an office before finally turning her daydreams about dashing piratical heroes and their stubborn and independent heroines into her dream job: writing Regency romances for Mills & Boon Historical Romance.

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