The Rake's Ruined Lady. Mary Brendan

The Rake's Ruined Lady - Mary Brendan

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       ‘I regret that we parted before I knew you as well as I would have liked.’

      ‘I cannot echo that sentiment, sir.’ Hugh’s amused tone had deepened the colour staining Beatrice’s porcelain complexion. ‘My only regret is that I ever became acquainted with you at all.’

      Stolen kisses and caresses, snatched during their brief moments alone, were at the forefront of her mind, putting a disquieting throb low in her belly. Bea feared he might also be recalling their passionate moonlit trysts, and his next soft comment proved her intuitive.

      ‘I don’t believe you wish we’d never met when we had such a delightful time.’

      ‘Then you should curb your conceit because it is the truth,’ Beatrice retorted, avoiding the sultry glint in his eyes. ‘Once again I must ask you what you want. I cannot believe you have simply come to see me to reminisce …’

      In Regency England it was the accepted way of things for the firstborn daughter of a gentleman to be married off before the younger became a bride. In this duet of books featuring the Dewey sisters unfortunately the opposite is the case. Elise is the first to find her soul mate in my novel A DATE WITH DISHONOUR, while her elder sister Beatrice remains a spinster ensconced in the countryside with her father.

      Beatrice would readily admit that in the past she has jeopardised her reputation by behaving wildly in affairs of the heart, thus spoiling her chances in the marriage mart. In THE RAKE’S RUINED LADY Bea stars as a heroine who is sure she has learned from her mistakes with scoundrels. At twenty-five she knows she is past her prime, but is confident of finally settling into wedded bliss with her fiancé … until the upstanding doctor jilts her for another woman.

      Following this setback Beatrice is ready to give up on love altogether, until an old flame, cognizant with her youthful folly, bursts back into her life.

      Hugh Kendrick is not the man he once was. The modest fellow with whom Bea fell head over heels in love has been transformed into an arrogant diamond magnate, recently returned from India. Now wealthy and distinguished, Hugh can have his pick of society beauties—yet he seems to favour women of a different class … and adding to his infamy are whispers of an exotic concubine abandoned overseas.

      Beatrice knows that this time round she should avoid the handsome rogue at all costs, fearing she could easily be tempted to disgrace herself with him again. And when Hugh pursues her, with very dishonourable intentions on his mind, Bea realises she must resist his skilful seduction or risk joining his harem of doting mistresses …

      I hope you enjoy reading about Bea’s inner dilemmas and the challenges she faces on her rocky road to love as much as I have enjoyed writing her story for you.

       The Rake’s Ruined Lady

      Mary Brendan

      MARY BRENDAN was born in North London, but now lives in rural Suffolk. She has always had a fascination with bygone days, and enjoys the research involved in writing historical fiction. When not at her word processor, she can be found trying to bring order to a large overgrown garden, or browsing local fairs and junk shops for that elusive bargain.

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      THE RAKE’S RUINED LADY features characters you will have already met in A DATE WITH DISHONOUR

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