Promised by Post. Katy Madison

Promised by Post - Katy Madison

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       He hesitated. He hadn’t the right to hold her. She was his brother’s intended. But she trembled.

      She drew him like a lost calf would. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her against him.

      “It’s all right. You’re safe now,” he murmured. That much was true, and the reassurance came out so much easier than the lies.

      “Are we getting married tonight?”

      He jerked back. “No!”

      She stared at him, going even paler, and her green eyes were wide. He had the ridiculous notion to kiss her freckled nose. What was wrong with freckles anyway?

      Her eyes narrowed as color flooded back into her cheeks. “When, then?”

      Hell’s bells, she thought he was Rafael.

      “I’m Daniel. I’m going to be your brother.


      He stared at her as the color drained from her face again. Her mouth flattened and her eyes shot shards of bottle glass in his direction.

      Then she shoved him away.

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       Mail-order brides for three hard-working, hard-living men!

      Three penniless East Coast ladies are prepared to give up everything they know for the lure of the West. Will they find new beginnings, new families and eventual happiness as mail-order brides?

      Their advertisements answered, three rugged frontiersmen await their new brides—with eagerness and not a little trepidation!

      What have they all let themselves in for?

      Read Olivia’s story in

       Bride by Mail already available


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       Promised by Post

      Look for Selina’s story,

       coming soon!

      Promised by Post

      Katy Madison

      Award-winning KATY MADISON loves stories. At the age of eight Katy went to her mother and begged for a new book to read. Her frustrated mother handed her a romance novel and Katy fell in love with the genre. Now she gets to live the glamorous life of a romance writer, which mostly means she stays in her pyjamas all day and never uses an alarm clock. Visit her at

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