From Runaway To Pregnant Bride. Tatiana March

From Runaway To Pregnant Bride - Tatiana March

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      Carrying her rescuer’s baby!

      Annabel Fairfax fled West in disguise to find her sisters. But on her way a threat catches up with her—and she’s forced to turn to a ruggedly handsome stranger on horseback!

      Clay Collier, her reluctant protector, tries to keep his distance from the beautiful runaway—but neither can resist one stolen night! Honor demands he marry her, but discovering Annabel’s affluent background convinces Clay she doesn’t belong in his dangerous world. Except his forbidden bride is already secretly pregnant...

      The Fairfax Brides

      Three sisters find rugged husbands

      in the wild Wild West

      Beautiful heiresses Charlotte, Miranda and Annabel Fairfax have only ever known a life of luxury in Boston. Now, orphaned and in danger, they are forced to flee, penniless and alone, into the lawless West. There they discover that people will risk all for gold and land—but when the sisters make three very different marriages to three enigmatic men they will find the most precious treasure of all!

      Read Charlotte and Thomas’s story in

       His Mail-Order Bride

      Miranda and James’s story in

       The Bride Lottery

      Annabel and Clay’s story in

       From Runaway to Pregnant Bride

      All available now!

       Author Note

      From Runaway to Pregnant Bride completes The Fairfax Brides trilogy.

      His Mail-Order Bride tells the story of the oldest sister, Charlotte, who finds happiness with Thomas Greenwood, a strong, steady farmer. The Bride Lottery is about the middle sister, Miranda, who ends up married to Jamie Blackburn, a part Cheyenne bounty hunter.

      From Runaway to Pregnant Bride is the story of Annabel, the youngest sister, who longs to prove her independence. Disguised as a boy, she sets out to join her sisters in the West, but robbery and bad luck see her stranded in a New Mexico mining camp.

      Clay Collier, orphaned son of tricksters and thieves, grew up with poverty and neglect, and now scratches out a living from the earth. Not fooled by Annabel’s disguise, he gives in to the attraction between them, but his fear for her safety and welfare drives them apart.

      When writing this book I worried about repeating myself, because there are so many parallels in the stories of the three sisters—they all flee from their Boston home to the West and end up penniless, in forced proximity with an attractive though reticent man. I worked hard to make each character and relationship different, and I hope you’ll enjoy Annabel’s story.

      In the final chapters the sisters face their enemy, Cousin Gareth, and learn that everything is not always as it seems. Perhaps one day I’ll get to write the story of Gareth Fairfax, and give him the love and happiness he deserves.

      From Runaway to Pregnant Bride

      Tatiana March


      Before becoming a novelist TATIANA MARCH tried out various occupations—including being a chambermaid and an accountant. Now she loves writing Western historical romance. In the course of her research Tatiana has been detained by the US border guards, had a skirmish with the Mexican army, and stumbled upon a rattlesnake. This has not diminished her determination to create authentic settings for her stories.

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