Blackmailed Into a Fake Engagement / Tempted Into the Tycoon's Trap. Emily McKay

Blackmailed Into a Fake Engagement / Tempted Into the Tycoon's Trap - Emily McKay

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      Blackmailed Into a Fake Engagement by Leanne Banks

       “Put this on,” he said. Lifting the large solitaire with a diamond-studded band, he caught her left hand and pushed the ring onto her finger.

      Gwen gaped at the ring, shocked at how well it fitted. “How did you know –” “Pretend you’re madly in love with me,” he said and tugged her towards the front door. “But what –”

      “The paparazzi,” he said and opened the door.

      Gwen immediately heard a dozen clicks from the camera. Luc slid his arm around her waist. “Gotta give you guys credit. You’re the first. You make it damn hard to keep a relationship private.”

      He turned towards Gwen and dipped his head. “I think they’ve caught us, sweetheart,” he said and lowered his mouth to hers.

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      Tempted Into the Tycoon’s Trap by Emily McKay

       “Come on, Jack, let’s not make more of this than it is. Old habits die hard.”

      “Old habits die hard?” Bitterness tinged his voice. “And here I thought this was consolation sex. How many excuses do you think you need to sleep with me?”

      “You think these are excuses to sleep with you? They’re reasons not to get involved with you again.”

      The absolute conviction of her words stung. “I don’t recall asking you to get involved.”

      “Oh, no,” she scoffed. “That would be way too much commitment for you. You haven’t changed one bit.”

      “No. I haven’t changed. And neither has this attraction between us. All I want is for you to admit it.”

      Blackmailed Into a Fake Engagement


      Leanne Banks

      Tempted Into the Tycoon’s Trap


      Emily McKay

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      Blackmailed Into a Fake Engagement


Leanne Banks

      Leanne Banks is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author who is surprised every time she realises how many books she has written. Leanne loves chocolate, the beach and new adventures. To name a few, Leanne has ridden on an elephant, stood on an ostrich egg (no, it didn’t break), gone parasailing and indoor skydiving. Leanne loves writing romance because she believes in the power and magic of love. She lives in Virginia with her family and her four-and-a-half-pound Pomeranian, named Bijou.

      Dear Reader,

      I’m so thrilled to launch this exciting, juicy series, THE HUDSONS OF BEVERLY HILLS! There’s money and scandal and, most importantly, great men. In my story, Gwen McCord has left Hollywood eating her dust and she has no desire to return. She’s happy where she is, but a family emergency and Luc Hudson force her to change plans. Luc turns her peaceful life upside down. We all want a man like that in our lives, yes?

      Writing for Desire™ is a dream come true. Every day I’m privileged to weave a story featuring a heart-stopping, all-man hero and the lucky, deserving heroine who teaches him the importance of love.

      Here’s to Mills & Boon, for all the excitement and pleasure you continue to bring us all!

       Leanne Banks

      This book is dedicated to all the readers and lovers of Mills & Boon and Desire™


      “I bet my Ferrari,” Devlin Hudson said to Luc in a room filled with cigar smoke, brotherly rivalries and the aroma of expensive alcohol.

      “You sold your Ferrari,” Luc said, calmly arranging the cards in his hand. “I bet my twenty-five-year-old scotch.”

      “Technicality,” Devlin said, clamping his mouth over the cigar. “Check.”

      “Your cards must smell like your feet,” Luc said.

      Max Hudson took a swallow of his scotch. “I’m holding.”

      Jack Hudson, their cousin, swore. “He’s not saying much. That means he’s got a killer hand.”

      Jack was an excellent judge of character, but Luc knew that Max could bluff with the best of them, even if he did it quietly. “That’s what he wants you to believe.”

      Max slid Luc a sideways glance. “Your PR psychology has gone to your head.”

      “You wish,” Luc said. “I see the dirty underbelly, and I usually know when someone is taking me for a ride.”

      Jack looked from Luc to Max. “I’ll see your scotch and add my Patrón,” he said.

      “You’re toast,” Luc said.

      “Shut up,” Max said.

      Devlin just growled.

      Luc’s cell phone rang, interrupting the game.

      “Oh, no. Is this another of your young girlfriends?” Jack asked.

      “He always goes for the young ones,” Max said in agreement.

      “The older ones know better,” Dev added.

      “Luc Hudson,” he said into the phone.

      “This is Officer Walker with the L.A.P.D. I’m calling on behalf of Miss Nicki McCord. She’s being charged with driving under the influence and asked that we call you.” The man cleared his throat. “She’s not in the best shape at the moment.”

      Luc rose to his feet. “Where are you taking her?”

      The officer gave the location. “Sir, she was driving the wrong way down a one-way street and narrowly missed hitting a family returning from a trip to Disneyland.”

      Luc raked his hand through his hair and shook his head. “I’ll be there as soon as possible,” he said and turned off the phone. “Sorry. Nicki McCord. I have to go.”

      “DUI, right?” Devlin said.

      Luc nodded.

      “Damn,” Max said. “What are we going to do about the prepublicity for The Waiting Room? Nicki was supposed to

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